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The feature of diorite

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Diorite is the delegate rock of neuter plutonic rock, also be granitic stone material in one of main rock kinds. Its chemistry composition uprights at acidity, base between sexual cliff, siO2 content 52% ~ 65% , feO, Fe2O3, MgO makes an appointment with 3% ~ each 5% , al2O3 makes an appointment with 16% ~ 17% , na2O 3% , k2O 2% . Mineral composition basically mixes a kind by neuter plagioclase or count kind of dark lubricious mineral composition. The commonnest dark look is mineral it is amphibole, it is picrite, biotite sometimes. A few quartz and potassium feldspar can be contained in rock, quartz ﹤ 20% , potassium feldspar ﹤ 10% . The light color in typical diorite is mineral content 65% ~ 75% , dark look is mineral 20% ~ 30% . Structural most is half from form is graininess, plagioclase brilliant form is common better, show board columnar, mineral grain is even, construct for lump more. According to quartz content and dark lubricious mineral sort, diorite (kind) can divide again for diorite, quartz diorite, picrite diorite.

Diorite is the rock with a kind of deeper color, present grey black more, take the gray of dark green spot or reseda, color leads 20% ~ 35% . When dark look mineral change because of corrode and chlorite is changed, when fine shows petrifaction, the green that rock shows different rate is tonal, have aesthetic feeling more as facing stone material. The physical feature of diorite is: Reduce intensity 130 ~ 200MPa (dry) or 100 ~ 160MPa (wet) , bending strength is 10 ~ 25MPa, bulk density 2.85 ~ 3.00g/cm3, bibulous rate 0.4% .

Diorite kind stone material bed distributings to go up at shield more, other also arrives it is thus clear that on structural unit. Diorite forms independent cliff body rarely, often with base sexual cliff, acidity cliff or alkalescent cliff companion are unripe, make part of brim of other and of all kinds petrosal. If form independent cliff body, also be a few diminutive rock trunk of a tree, cliff is built or invade body irregularly. Be like Shandong " Tai'an is green " , zhejiang overlooks the lake " big azurite " granite belongs to this kind namely, ore body is granite diorite body, mineral composition has quartz, biotite, amphibole and feldspar to wait, it is no matter " Tai'an is green " or " big azurite " because have the presence of amphibole, and chlorite is changed and show scene of reseda, viridescence.

Material of stone of facing of the wall outside diorite often has distinctive color and be being used as. But general diorite polish is relatively difficult, much in order to makes step and balcony floor board. Famouser breed has Shandong " Tai'an is green " , the diorite of Jilin round hill.