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3 establish mine of Da Feicui green granite to introduce

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  One, general situation of ore body resource

Xiamen installs heart group newly to develop finite liability company to develop 3 establish mine of Da Feicui green granite, be located in south the Fujian Province southeast smooth city 110 ° azimuth, be apart from 58km of Na Ping urban district, from recent bare door 1.5km of countryside blame village.

Ore body ode puts Yu Zhongyuan group of Shan Qundong rock leaves area of ancient bound horse paragraph the 2nd, Duan Zhi of sex of the 4th cliff is inclined fully long picrite changes a cliff is medium, the layer that its produce shape to get stratum reach control of its metamorphism degree, ore body submits a shape, form that be like a layer; Move toward close thing, northerly bend, dip angle 30 ° of 25 ~ . Tendency of ore body edge is outspread be more than 100m; Along the thing the trend lengthens 400m, ply 10 ~ 85m, mining area area 0.6481 square kilometer; Already the geological reserves of ascertain 290 thousand much M3, distant view reserves exceeds 500 thousand M3. Cliff sex with stripe, banding sap green is inclined fully long picrite changes a cliff and appear brightness Potassium to grow change bead cliff is given priority to, surface color with ash green, sap green gives priority to color, pink of be mingled with, ashen, olive, match with configuration of each different knead corrugation stripe, belt, make an appearance with a dramatic beauty, have adornment distinguishing feature extremely. Ore can be divided by design and color reach for C1, C2, C3 " galactic gold " 4 breed. Press ore body distributinging position, from Dong Xiangxi cent is Ⅰ , Ⅲ date 3 ore body, meantime is dimensions bigger rupture broken belt is broken lie between. Individual mine body length spends 62 ~ 180m, ply 10 ~ 85m, the ode keeps level 540 ~ 640m. Ore body and south of the potassium long granite of the predestined relationship invade and heat up fluid corrode to change closely related.

   2, stone material quality and function

Breed of this stone material already applied for national number G3597 (need formal approval) . Quality of material of stone of industry of classics country housing materials is supervised examine test center checks, bulk density 3.07(g/cm3) , dry reduce intensity 338.5 (MPa) , dry flexural strength 21.5 (MPa) , water saturation flexural strength 20.6 (MPa) , bibulous rate 0.04% , shore hardness 64, all accord with the technical index of material of facing granite flag to ask. Above waits in the acid-base value of material of this breed stone, treatment and performance characteristics are good. The IRa=0.16 of this stone material, ir=0.20, its radioactivity index accords with GB6566-2001 " set limit to of housing materials radionuclide " the A in the standard kind (IRa ≤ 1, ir ≤ 1.3) the requirement of the product. Belong capable person of stone of green environmental protection, scope of application is unlimited. The biggest characteristic of material of this breed stone is compact and hard, grind the glossiness after casting to be able to achieve 100 degrees of above easily, it is breed of high-grade material of granitic facing stone.
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