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How does ability select safe stone capable person?

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The family decorates go-between people care stone material very much " radioactivity, radiate " problem. Is the radioactivity of stone material strong? How does ability select safe stone capable person? For this, we consulted IT institute physics of earth of Chinese geological university and Dr. Hou Sheng benefit.
Dr. Hou says: "National quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau releases " set limit to of housing materials radionuclide " the cent of on any account that the standard occupies natural Shi Caigen its radioactivity level is A, B, C3 kind. Among them A kind lowest of product radioactivity level, can use in any circumstances, b kind the product can be used in the facing of inside and outside that divides all buildings beyond face of bedroom interior trim and industrial establishment, c kind stone material of the standard can be used in face of building exterior trim only. " when consumer is selecting stone capable person, the radioactivity level that should ask for its product to manufacturer or agency checks a report, the category that whether its radioactivity level makes clear in the outer packing of stone material product that examines a choose and buy or product manual, will select right stone capable person with this. In domestic adornment, choose A kind the product is special safety.
Since natural Shicai is put in radioactivity problem, so material of choice man-made stone whether Where is special safety? Dr. Hou says: "Man-made stone material is the clastic rock with clay, natural marble or granite is inserts, reoccupy cement, gesso and not saturated get together fat colophony is adhesive, classics agitate shapes, make after abrade polish. The radioelement that its contain and natural stone material do not have substaintial distinction. If be the man-made stone material that with radioactivity level expensive stuff processes, the radioelement content that the content of its radioelement may compare natural stone capable person is even high! Select man-made stone capable person, also want the choice standard according to natural stone material, choose suitable product category. Choose suitable product category..
Dr. Hou still says, in if the person is long,be in strong emissive environment, can increase cancered odds. Consumer is buying stone material to be used at household is decorated, if did not detect relevantly,report, best can hold product sample to arrive have detect the orgnaization of aptitude undertakes detecting, perhaps detect please staff is excellent in detect whether does radioactivity level exceed bid.