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Guangzhou cultural relic " hairdressing " stone post wants " bathe "

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Stone post wants " bathe "

Guangzhou artistic museum gave out " of " Zhao Xianbang a few days ago, the stone column of red sand cliff that invites the company that has experience to be the atrium inside the house " bathe " . Art rich courtyard says about chief, the stone column of red sand cliff of atrium is stone of the special local product austral mountain, because,capable person of this kind of stone selecting when building Great Master Mobaizhi to design a house to abandon in those days is this cause. Original colour and quality of a material won many recognition for artistic museum, but in Guangzhou damp and hot rainy environment falls, red sand cliff is anti-corrosive, combat the problem with efflorescent poorer ability protruding comes out now. Exposed the stone column much place that is outdoor to because grow,appear lichenous and the black spot that leave, the sign that still has decency of a few places is already apparent. "After bathing " , stone column of these red sand cliff recover from an illness besides extensive outside the " of " blush egg that come, still will pass special processing, enclothe the data that a flesh does not give soon, enhance the ability that prevents decency greatly.

Blue bricks is put on " windbreak garment "

The " hairdressing " of Home Chen ancestral temple is centered in elegant bricky carve. Museum of Guangdong folk craft (Home Chen ancestral temple) deputy curator Li Jiguang expresses, the car tail gas that comes for years, shake and insolation drench, caused not little harm to bricky carve. As time passes, vulture meets the brick the adhesive because of the reverse side and axial hammer become loose and fall off. Administrator often can discover this kind of relic in wall edge. What the house just prepares to spread out pair of brick carve in the near future is comprehensive and reparative recover from an illness the job. A difficult problem that encounters at present is the material that cannot judge bind brick carve it is common mortar or tung putty after all, had met example concerned branch laboratory test nevertheless, will have a result very quickly.

Li Jiguang still discloses, home Chen ancestral temple also will be besmeared go up on all building metope a tailor-made coating. This kind of coating resists effectively daily efflorescent action, the speed that slow down building corrodes. Building component part also will have comprehensive examination, especially place of ligneous component tenon has without become loose, whether is timber out of shape, will serve as reparative key.

  Yellow Bu military school is done 8 million yuan " nurse all over "

In yellow Bu military school, engineering personnel busy move is in countrywide key cultural relic to protect an unit to undertake " whole body nurses to this " . "Housetop is slack, made of baked clay face should be lifted entirely, do waterproof processing afresh; Ground brick is seamed too big, not agree with with the history, want to had been spread afresh; A few places have the hidden trouble of leakage of electricity, short circuit, circuit should undertake comprehensive overhaul; Brae of front of Sun Zhongshan monument appeared crackle, need has filled. "Mao Fei of Lu of memorial hall deputy curator says.
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