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Hole stone is used in the problem that should note

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Hole stone is material of a kind of burgeoning stone of entrance building adornment, because its are special,some color and decorative pattern equipment suffer people to favor, in foreign building the application in adorning a profession is compared much, our country in last few years just gradually popularity rises. Hole stone has Bai Dongshi and cream-colored hole Shi Zhi to divide commonly, color has depth two kinds, some calls yellow Long stone, white Long stone, english name is Travertine, direct interpreter is coagulate grey stone or travertine. Its are main the characteristic is content of carbonic acid salt mine there is gas to exist in deposit process, form a lot of hole and get a name. Of all kinds and general have Roman hole stone, Iranian hole stone and the hole rock that produce Turkey and other places. Color of Roman hole stone is deeper, grain is more apparent, it is better that material pledges; Color of healthy hole stone is lighter, crisp pine of quality of a material, intensity is poorer. Material of this kinds of stone is OK by polishing, have apparent grain feature, flexural strength shows anisotropy, perpendicular grain direction (strong to) flexural strength is controlled in 6MPa, the part exceeds 7MPa; Parallel grain direction (weak to) flexural strength is controlled for 4MPa, material differs to be controlled in 5MPa sometimes with decorative pattern character, have sometimes extremely low do not exceed MPa; Random grain direction uprights at among them, right now grain is in ply direction.

No matter stone of which kinds of hole, index of its physics function all asks under the technology of level of state of our country marble. The reason is hole stone is the lime cliff with a kind of not complete metamorphism actually, its crystallization rate is not high, add hole and grain, make its bulk density, bibulous rate, flexural strength and reduce the physical function quota such as intensity far our country of be not a patch on produces marble, and existence is returned to continue to deteriorate in use process, can appear even sometimes color is deepened slowly wait for a phenomenon. Because this our country is opposite,the experiment of kind of stone material is according to GB/T9966 at first " method of test of natural stone aptitude " give out test data, offer design, construction, production and Party A reference, do not have judge to data commonly. Unless the project had design value, and according to entrust square requirement, ability can design a value to have judge according to the project. Our country carried out mandatory JC 830 on July 1, 2005 " dry hang facing stone material and its metal " standard, amid set strike the target of physical function technology that hangs limestone, hole stone is the index of physical function technology that uses among them limestone commonly, hole stone uses among them limestone index to undertake deciding commonly.

In actual project, because a lot of hole stone choose a design by foreign stylist, because this is not little,have experiment and judge according to American ASTM standard. From the angle analysis of the experiment, method of our country standard and American ASTM standard are similar, difference is merely on sample drying temperature (our country is 105 ℃ 24h, the United States is 60 ℃ 24h) . But what differ with our country is marble of lieutenant general of pathogeny product standard cent is 4 kinds: Calcite marble, dolomite marble, serpentine marble, coagulate grey stone marble, and at the same time double limestone stack is limestone cent low density, medium density, high density spends 3 kinds, material of every kinds of stone is corresponding requirement of technology of property of grain having thing. The United States was aimed at hole stone technically again 2003 kind stone material published a standard: ASTM C1527-03"standard Specification For Travertine Dimension Stone" " coagulate standard of grey stone technology " . Hole stone can be used by American standard coagulate grey stone marble, medium density limestone, coagulate grey Shi San is planted technical standard index.
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