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Magma rock material

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Magma cliff weighs igneous rock again, because of,it is diastrophism, after by the lithosphere interior rises, the magma of melt cools and become. Magma cliff is compositive crustal main rock, cover an area of the 89 % of housing total mass. Magma cliff cools according to magma of the condition different, divide again for plutonic rock, extrusive rock and lava 3 kinds.

  A. Plutonic rock

Plutonic rock is magma is in the lithosphere, in very big enclothe the rock that pressure issues slow refrigeration and becomes, its character is: Tectonic and compact, unit weight is great, compressive strength is high, bibulous rate is minor, frost resistance is good, wearability is good, wear is very good.

The commonly used plutonic rock on the building has: Granite, diorite, gabbro. Granite structure is compact; Compressive strength is high, general compressive strength is 120 ~ 250 MPa; Hole rate is minor, bibulous rate is extremely low; Chemical stability is good; Not easy decency is degenerative, acid-proof sex is very strong; Wear is very good, granule granite uses fixed number of year to be able to amount to 500 ~ 1 000 year long, thick bead granite can amount to 100 ~ 200 years. Granite can be used at the foundation, block earth strong, plinth.

Diorite and gabbro all are mixed by feldspathic, picrite the composition such as amphibole, density all bigger, for 3 000 Kg/m3 of 2 800 ~ . Compressive strength is 100 ~ 280 MPa, wear is good, can use at the body of stone build by laying bricks or stones such as the foundation and adornment.
  B. Extrusive rock

After the magma that extrusive rock is melt is ejective and upper, reduce in pressure, the rock that forms quickly below cooling condition, be like basalt. When ejective magma layer is thick, formation rock its are characteristic and approximate plutonic rock, if ejective magma layer is thinner when, the rock that forms often shows poriferous structure.

The commonly used extrusive rock on the building has: Basalt, diabase, andesite. Basalt is comprised by picrite and feldspar. For granule or spot shape structure, have poriferous construction sometimes (but hole rate is inferior) . Bulk density is 3 300 Kg/m3 of 2 900 ~ , compressive strength is 100 ~ 300 MPa, brittleness is big, fight efflorescent sex stronger. Can use at the body of stone build by laying bricks or stones such as foundation, bridge.

  C. Lava

Lava weighs volcanic clastic rock again. Lava is volcanic when erupting, magma is gone to by gush in sky, the drossy rock that fall via falling after quickness is cooling and forms. Lava is the material of light simple poriferous structure.

The building has with commonly used lava: Eruption, floatstone. Ash of hill of its medium baking temperature is used as the mixture material of cement in great quantities, and floatstone can use as light qualitative aggregate, make up light aggregate concrete to use as wall body material.
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