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Depict " on the west travel notes " used 126 marble

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All previous classics is made meticulously 4 years, 126 marble depict " on the west travel notes " in Lian Yun harbor came out a few days ago. Agitato of Ms. Yan Jingzhen tells the person that this picture is created the reporter, she will declare Jinisi.

Yan Jingzhen of 56 years old is confused in one's childhood went up painting and calligraphy, be free, namely body of book Xi Yan, picture soaked noodles made from beans or sweet potatoes, in addition, still had made clip and paste, woodcarving and carved stone. Yan Jingzhen tells a reporter. 2001, when her home decorates a building, she discovers to the picture can be made on marble inadvertently, trying to make carved stone. She arrives the machinery plant is tailor-made an alloy cutting tool, found the Heibei with exquisite quality of a material again " China is black " marble. At first, of creation is and so on of some of fragmentary landscape, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women more, hind in painter, central beautiful courtyard Mr Gu Junchun is taught below, her mind shines: Beautiful fruit hill, Sun Wu is empty, write on marble " swim on the west " . Rose in November 2002, every off hours, holiday, she is gotten into a small room in, one knife, , absorbedly carve, engrave, be sent and cannot close, the clue of brilliant old practice in origianl work of solution of 80 when decide formerly difficult already to in an attempt to, then, increase 100, 110, 120, till 126 -- plan 60 meters long, 30 much square metre.