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Fujian stone material exports profit fast fall industry structure is faced with

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In recent years, development of industry of lumber of my province stone is very rapid, already jumped the place that industry of lumber of stone of house our country visits province, by force greatly, stone material foreign trade ranks front row in the whole nation. The reporter learned from Fuzhou custom a few days ago, this year 1 - in October, I save capable person of stone of imports and exports 8.955 million tons, value 1.807 billion dollar, compare respectively the corresponding period grew 12.3 last year % and 27.8 % , import among them add fast want prep above exit to add fast.

Will rise on September 15 this year, the country cancels the exit drawback of product of partial stone material, include improvement trade to prohibit partial stone capable person kind of catalogue, this will save stone capable person to me foreign trade causes bigger impact. According to relevant statistic, cancel to export drawback to mean, every export stone lumber company 1 dollar will increase a burden 0.45 yuan, for this stone lumber industry to be the mainstream with miniature enterprise at present, export gain will encounter undoubtedly " fast fall " . From exit data looks, I save stone material exit to suffer this effect the range is wider. 1 - in October, I save exit to involve the stone capable person that cancels to export drawback 5.588 million tons, value 1.01 billion dollar, occupy the corresponding period to save stone material to export the 90.5 % of total value of a quantity, 77.9 % completely respectively.
Relevant personage points out, level of the dimensions that I save company of current stone lumber, technology and distributing appear " small, earth, medicinal powder, random " characteristic, stone material product lacks otherness, case of malign price competition is severe, lack resists the ability of market risk and the capacity that share international competition, development pole does not coordinate the whole that saves stone lumber industry with me, extensive treatment also brought about stone material resource and zoology environment to be played havoc with by. Custom personage suggests, my province should be chance with exporting drawback policy to adjust, extract from normative mine, fall into disuse backward produce can, equipment of promotion application advanced technique, give aid to advantage company undertakes intensive is managed. Contend for achieve from some brands, increase the respect take as the point of departure such as the additional cost of the product, can last what realize stone lumber industry development.