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Shandong discusses health of stone lumber industry to develop

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Recently, association of industry of Shandong stone lumber congress of the 5th member and China (Ping Yi) international Shi Caicheng is recommended city county can be made the same score to hold in Shandong. It is reported, the problem of the industry development current situation that conference delegate is discussed jointly and studied industry of Shandong stone lumber, existence and the development target henceforth and industry develop a program.

According to introducing, industry of lumber of Shandong province stone 2005 dimensions industry production value 14 billion yuan, exit is achieved collect 200 million yuan, achieve in production value of countrywide dimensions industry, exit collect, crop ranks 2. Do strong Shandong to save stone lumber industry greatly to do, cultivate group of industry of lumber of key area stone energetically, guild is producing main effect. This the activity got group of Shandong coronal Lu Ji support energetically.