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Shi Caisheng is held to produce material of labour, stone to nurse in Beijing ar

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Each concern an unit: Send according to labor and social security ministry [file of 2004] 15 date about " implement strategy of executive talent powerful nation in the round, just be jumping-off place in order to raise able person of high skill of laborer quality and education, professional skill identification the job is made fine had done, professional qualification letter construction work makes the system strong big " requirement, the professional skill that is versed in to raise Shi Caisheng to produce material of labour, stone to nurse, help enterprise develops the worker team of high quality, committee decides major of material of stone of association of association of industry of Chinese stone lumber, goods and materials of Beijing construction project, produce material of labour, stone to nurse in Shicai of open of Beijing area syndicate first certificate of labour profession qualification (first, intermediate) obtain evidence assessment appraisal grooms class, the welcome signs up eagerly about unit and individual attend. One, groom with assessment object Beijing and area of week border district are engaged in stone material machining production and stone material application to nurse professional staff. 2, declare a condition 1.Primary labour: Chuo bits makes? 2 of idle of bowstring of  of Ю of saliva of fall from the sky smooth with a rake. Intermediate class: Chuo bits makes bowstring of  of Ю of saliva of fall from the sky smooth with a rake to carry    to mail bittern bureau to make ぷ ? smooth with a rake year above. 3, groom means and content Teach oneself and do a class to coach to be united in wedlock. Theory and practice photograph are united in wedlock, emphasize particularly on practice. Sign up the student that pay fee takes text book, begin self-study, grooming next the class attends class, mix by lecture of professional teacher key coach, academic 4 days, solid hold 2 days, restrict time of 6 days in all. By rich practice the expert inside the course of study of experience and engineer give lessons to coach and coach practice. (detailed sees the following course is arranged) . 1. Material of academic part stone produces work: The building decorates Shicai ABC (standard of the classification, select material that remember a picture, product and quality accuse to make) ; Extract and machine technology knowledge; Use correctly of machines and tools and equipment, safeguard, the relevant knowledge of trouble removal and electric equipment, appearance; Cutting tool, grind, abrasive knowledge; Shi Caixiu fills, nurse and enhance knowledge; Bring completely civilized production and environmental protection knowledge; Wait for knowledge of plan of relevant law law about standard of quality of labor law, product, standardization law. Stone material nurses labour: Shicai ABC; The necessity of stone material conserve and meaning; Of stone material defend with conserve; The prevention and cure of stone material disease; Stone material prevents slippery processing; The face-lifting technology of stone material; Current situation of conserve of material of domestic and international stone. 2. Solid hold partial stone material to produce work: Make according to association " standard of profession of country of worker worker of stone timber production " undertake be operatinged actually, grasp operation point. Stone material nurses labour: Make according to association " stone material nurses standard of labour country profession " undertake be operatinged actually, grasp operation point.
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