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Production value of industry of region of garden of industry of lumber of stone

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This year area of garden of industry of lumber of stone of county of Shan be apt to go up again a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, production value of garden region industry grows 55 compared to the same period. 32 % .

Area of garden of industry of Shan Shanshi lumber is versed in already aid increases considerably since this year, up to area of garden of industry of lumber of stone of be apt to of October bottom Shan exploitation barren expects 7. 40 thousand cubic metre, increase compared to the same period 1. 2 times, machine plank 314. 950 thousand square metre, grow 47 compared to the same period. 28 % , different profile 25000 () , total output value of the industry that finish 2. 500 million yuan, grow 55 compared to the same period. 32 % . Ahead of schedule the 2 months the beginning of the year that finish determines goal assignment.

Garden area is in charge of this year appoint meeting and 8 enterprises signed investment agreement, investment amount is achieved 11. 1.7 billion yuan. Main item is respectively, one group invests geology of bureau of Xinjiang land mine 8. Construction of 500 million yuan of cent period produces per year project of smelt of 100 thousand tons of many metals; Company of industrial and finite liability invests Shan Shanhua constant 1. Construction of 800 million yuan of cent period produces per year project of 150 thousand tons of direct and reductive iron; Industrial Inc. investment builds Shen Hong of city of Liaoning bright and beautiful 30 million yuan project of exploration of stone material treatment; International of the trade in Beijing invests group limited company to invest material of stone of 30 million yuan of construction to process a project; Fujian invests business Chen Dechuan to invest project of plant of different of 4 million yuan of construction technology; Shan Shan invests business Li Yongxiang to invest material of stone of 800 thousand yuan of construction to pack mill project: Jiangsu sea installs limited company of new abundant liquid gas to invest construction of 20 million yuan of cent period to produce per year project of 50 thousand tons of compound fertilizer; Shan Shanxing amounts to management of obtain employment base to manage investment project of plant of solid model of skill of talent of stone of 2.3 million yuan of construction.

Garden area plans to be perfected with each passing day. 3 big programs complete garden division basically, entrust Xinjiang to produce survey of construction large unit to plan to design academy environment to evaluate technical center to undertake the environment affects an evaluation again, already reported bureau of municipal environmental protection to undertake examination; To mining industry treatment undertakes spot perambulate field, to garden area program train of thought, area has early days analysis, proof, plan of material of word of form existing writings reports prefectural people government to study a decision, entrust at the same time have relevant intelligence unit to undertake the environment affects evaluation and overall planning; The resource that combines Shan Shan and at present industry of industrial garden region grows the current situation, entrust the unit that has relevant aptitude to analyse all sorts of advantages and disadvantages the element undertakes the industry plans, guide an industry to enter healthy, fast development track.
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