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Material of stone of next year of proposal of many guild collective carries Fuji

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On November 22, collective of guild, chamber of commerce issues material of stone of Fujian Province much home proposal: Since January 1, 2007, the total talent that save stone raises price 10% . As we have learned, this proposal is material of Fujian Province stone guild and fontal city, Xiamen, south how to wait for association of much home chamber of commerce, after passing urgent negotiation, give out. To this, employer of company of partial spring state expresses to support, but some industries employer fears the market competes, fulfil so it is very difficult to rise.

Much element raises cost

Say in proposal, at the beginning of this year since, stone lumber industry is affected by many sided. Include stone material product to cancel to export drawback, original stone material exports drawback to lead 13 % , by simple and easy collect method to also need 6 % . Next, the RMB will begin to appreciate on July 1 from last year, already amounted to 5 % left and right sides up to now. The 3rd, crude oil rises in price climb to the history new tall, mine mine, transport costs rises, individual waste material rises in price extent amounts to 15 % left and right sides. Additional, worker pay increases, environmental protection investment, also bring about cost to raise 5 % .

Accordingly, the material that save stone guild issues a proposal to company of the total lumber that save stone, collective raises price 10% .

Partial enterprise already rose in price

The stone material boss that a special exit Korea of city brings south says, since cancelling to export drawback, they discuss with the client, increase the cost that brings from this to increase a share, reach unanimous opinion with the other side, he says, "A lot of manufacturer rose in price, everybody won't do business of lose money in business. "

This boss that is not willing to disclose a full name says, association proposal rises in price, it is meddlesome affection, but collective rises in price 10% , this is unscientific. "Every product has the price of oneself, the contract that every enterprise signs, the price is different also, save a value impossibly completely. " this boss thinks, the thing of the market, still want to do by the rule of the market.

The boss of company of lumber of another bigger stone thinks however, face current condition, initiating collective to rise in price is meddlesome affection. But he is afraid, if the enterprise perhaps earns bit of small profits only to take order form, others rises in price he does not rise in price, disturbed and whole market. He says, such thing is among company of Fujian stone lumber, more than happening pass.

But more stone material bosses think, long-term all sorts of competition since, make stone material product enters small profit period, the situation that encounters at present especially, stone material product does not rise in price, the industry survives very will hard. "In imports and exports of Chinese stone lumber, inside trade is industry of lumber of first Fujian stone, want to unite to rise in price only, the stone material product that can drive the whole nation rises in price. " a boss says, hope this one proposal can be in every enterprise decline is solid.
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