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"Stone is machined " door of happiness of farmer of open Henan sweet village

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"Stone machines one of pillar industries that already made our village. Whole village annual produce of 6 stone crusher many yuan 2000, rely on collection to contract only cost, village collective income can amount to 400 thousand yuan every year. " the village that mentions this village does a business, henan province is stationed in the city zone of post of equestrian inn city village of sweet village of countryside of Zhu Gu hole appoint director Lu Manchang says excitedly.

"Grab, dump carries everything needed is ready of car, stone crusher. Collect manufacturing treatment from raw material, it is mechanization completely, improved manufacturing beneficial result already, reduced labor intensity of the worker again. " on the stone treatment field that the station contracts in oneself, zhang Wenhua of this village villager tells a reporter, "Income, do not calculate much, a year also 4489 yuan. A year also 4489 yuan..
Sweet village of countryside of Zhu Gu hole is located in southwest of post the city zone, whole village shares 646 farmers, farmland 4035 mus. This village gross output value of industry and agriculture amounted to 86 million yuan last year, collective economy income 450 thousand yuan, net income of average per capita 3500 yuan. Common saying says, backer has hill, draft relying on water, sweet village farmer relies on to sold hill stone to walk up to become rich just about road. This village is named to be by province, city, area early or late " civilized village " , " go straight towards demonstrative village of comparatively well-off popular science " .

Lu Manchang tells a reporter, 1997, li Ping of 35 years old and be by choose after secretary of sweet village Party branch, manage oneself many yuan 1500 mine right of administration makes over 10 old, annual produce the village is collective, make whole village capable the villager contracts management mine. Stone treatment becomes the villager to take off deficient to become rich " golden key " . Nowadays, sweet village already had 130 villagers to purchase large and medium-sized carriage car, 125 made stone lumber business.