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A Golden, a stone, Secret An effect of black tea

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A Golden, a stone, Secret An effect of black tea Recently, the safety of landing a strong black tea brands Baotuan Tea Expo, Shenzhen, Hunan tea Yiqingyuan representatives of leading enterprises in Hunan tea industry in the 2010 Security of Shenzhen (International) Industry Summit Tea Tea Expo and brand promotion. Book Society of Macau, Macau Heritage Association and vice president Chen Zhiwei attention in the Summit to address Tea-known female experts and host Kang Xiaoling Zhang Mei flow security in Yiqingyuan brand promotion of black tea drink at the promotion of health On the fire of black tea up, more and more people concerned about the health tea. Safety of black tea, mystery lie? Brand promotion in the conference, experts will Yiqingyuan safety of black tea black tea's magic comes down to two things: a "stone" hidden magic, a "Golden Flower" hidden secret. An effect of black tea comes from the magical mystery of Golden, Golden and comes from a mysterious magic stone, which is glacial rocks. A stone hidden magic. 600 million years ago, the Earth had occurred in the global "ice climate" and "hockey event", after the ice age had occurred, a "hot room climate" event. The extreme heat and cold phenomenon, forming a rare rare glacial rocks. Security of the world's highest concentration of glacial rocks in the region, accounting for about 85% content of the entire planet, is the scientific community known as the "wonders of the world." Moraine rock is the world's most rare species of stone, was also called "the longevity stone." Tillite unique landscape formed a security climate of the geographical environment, is recognized as a quality tea, the world's mysterious latitudes. Security of big-leaf tea, tea Yuntaishan wild species, is extremely rare Tea Lines original fine lines, is a valuable genetic resources of tea breeding. A Golden hidden secrets.