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Xi an radical "zipper Road" new renovation 5 years shall not be excavated roa

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Progress tracking Traffic before the end outside of the normal Yuxiang Control measures 07:00 ~ 22:00 forbidding large trucks within the Second Ring Environmental initiatives Cars a week, switch off 9, Municipal Bureau of Public Roads for the status of the city of Xi'an, to make ten rigid construction of municipal regulations. In the future, in addition to repair work, no unit or individual shall be allowed on the same road again 5 years construction, "zipper Road" phenomenon will not occur again. Are set out in Article: new, revision, and expansion of roads, five-year ban on excavation; five years or more strictly limit the mining roads in other cities occupied by approval. Involving urban supply, drainage, electricity, gas, heating and other repair works, will strictly control the scope of the construction site; construction units to regulate on-site every block, continuous day and night construction, shorten the construction period, to restore the road. On the daily life of the people involved in public water, gas, electricity, heat, etc., and where the road in the city all kinds of pipeline laying livelihood projects will be carefully reviewed, strict examination and approval. Approved mining city occupied urban road construction, strict management of the construction site, must do: block the construction site completely separated, regulate every block, strictly limit the Weidang area to reduce the impact of road traffic; wall in a prominent position Weidang set all kinds of warning signs, construction designer, environmental monitoring card, warning lights at night; construction site must be equipped with full-time traffic wardens, with the traffic police department, maintenance and flow of traffic, ensure safety and smooth; Weidang materials and shall not be stacked construction waste; strict control period. Day and night construction unit construction, continuous operation, to minimize the public life and urban traffic. Construction unit should carefully organize the survey and do a good job consultation work underground pipelines, construction of fixed positioning organizations to eliminate Waduan various pipelines. In addition to municipal maintenance repair works projects, mainly in construction at night to reduce the impact on traffic. Lane and, after completion of the project, the construction unit must immediately clean up the construction site, timely recovery of the road. Development zones (including New) municipal administration departments in accordance with the requirements to strengthen the occupation of road excavation and construction site management approval, involving the occupation of the city's main road excavation project, started the first three days was reported in the Municipal Public Board for approval for the record. Municipal Public Utility Bureau published regularly occupied by a major road excavation projects, and accept the public supervision. Monitor telephone 12319. Xi'an Municipal Public will strictly follow the "Xi'an Municipal Engineering Facilities Management Regulations" and other relevant laws and regulations, in violation of the provisions of the act, the implementation of strict law enforcement.
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