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Fleshy flowering plants stone winter

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Cold in December, the garden is so good overall as the spring and summer, the grass yellow, flowers are dying, we would be better to look toward the room. At this time showing the beauty of succulents out. Also known as succulents and more pulp plants, succulent plants, gardeners also like to refer to them as "fleshy flowers." They look juicy hypertrophy, in different styles, dress is ideal for bay windows, balconies and indoor desktop. Glass ball can be a real small succulents greenhouse; with perlite as the medium for Crystal Palace this fleshy garden look more beautiful. The excellent quality of succulents Popular low-maintenance quality Most of the native succulents in arid regions, a long time each year than the roots absorb water, relying on the body of stored water to maintain life, and this is typical of labor in the garden low maintenance plants. This means that it does not require too much care of the owner, including frequent watering, fertilization and so on. However, not only reflected in the excellent quality of its low maintenance, more important is the diversity of forms succulents, flowers and leaves of other plants, a strong contrast effects are difficult to match. Winter is their stage.