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"Rural Chinese zipper" zipper Industry Analysis bridge

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Bridge, with the reform and opening up opportunities to the spirit of pioneers, miraculously created China's first small commodities market. Small zipper, as the last century, the top ten of the most useful inventions of mankind, one of the market along with the birth of the bridge quickly formed in the bridge industry, but also miraculously created the zipper in China town. 80s of last century after the birth of the bridge button market, has been the concern of all sectors at home and abroad, and for a bridge become a pioneer of China's reform and opening up a model bridge buttons, zippers and other commodities as affecting the country, swept the world and the Orient in Brussels. One hundred Yip Wong Yip Hing, the bridge market in the business who, in the long-term purchase and sale of accumulated experience, go to the production for sale, since the factories from the shop, the production and management innovation. Archive for the physical market, and gradually into the invisible market, the market became the company's products exhibition hall, market-driven all walks of life and prosperity, the market to play a more powerful economic effects. Bridge zipper, relying on the market's rise, from small to large, out of a self-selection, create their own self-development of the sun road, thus forming a large zipper industry base. China zipper spectrum of brilliant new town movement Zip through the bridge twenty years of development history, since 2002, won the "Hometown of China's zipper" This honor has caused the bridge zipper industry attaches great importance to the local government to become one of pillar industries in Yongjia County, effectively promoted the Zipper rapid and stable development of industrial base. By the "gold card" encouraging industrial base bridge zipper continuous improvement and learning of scientific development, while strengthening its own industrial construction, industrial clusters to further promote the new era of economic development of better and faster, in April 2009 won the "Zhejiang Province zipper professional brand bases, "the title of honor. Changing the face of the new century, facing both opportunities and challenges of the competitive market, industrial base of the bridge zipper zipper to create a strong brand, to create the future market share, we must continue to struggle and innovation, with advanced equipment, complete system, excellent talent, advance the awareness to create a first-class products, first-class brand, to become the largest and most complete variety, best quality, best reputation zipper market distribution center. In recent years, the bridge base is composing the zipper industry one after another exciting new movement. Industries and enterprises gradually gained zipper zipper top ten brands in China, Zhejiang famous brand, famous trademark in Zhejiang, China Famous Brand, National Inspection-free products and other honors; present, the base member companies basically have their own professional brand zipper, zipper companies frequently obtain many other provincial, municipal, county and well-known trademarks, and other brand-name products honor the career bridge zipper realize the grand goal of the brand, now also known as a professional brand bases in Zhejiang Province, zipper, zipper bridge from "self-improvement" to the overall improve by leaps and bounds and achieve a stronger and larger zipper, do meticulous precision quality, started zipper brand, sing the Internationale zipper industry dream. Surly, constantly strengthen self-construction industrial base zipper Into the twenty-first century, the bridge of the zipper business to enhance the quality zipper, zipper quality to speed up the pace, constantly updated zipper equipment, at all costs money to introduce advanced technology and equipment put on the production of zipper products with national and international standards, many companies have adopted the ISO9000 international quality certification and 14000 environmental certification and standardization, measurement of the review, to make unremitting efforts for the creation of the brand. Founded in 1992, Yongjia County Chamber of Commerce, zipper, zipper in China since the town was awarded the honorary title since the zipper industry attaches great importance to training of technical personnel management, in 2002, has launched in 2004 has zipper technology, design of training and learning, there are a hundred more than technical qualifications obtained zipper professional titles. June 20, 2009, in Wenzhou City, Yongjia County Personnel Department to change the concern and the staff and the China National Hardware Association under the China zipper branch experts with the support of professional and technical personnel in Wenzhou zipper early success in intermediate grade training accreditation carried out the training zipper design, technician (division) in early, intermediate and technical personnel 46 people, chambers of commerce take practical action to improve the technical staff and fully develop their literacy and vocational ability, but also ensure that the zipper industry technical personnel continue to lead to a progressive important step. Bridge not only has its own production line zipper zipper advantage, and a spread far apart, trying to conquer the ends of the earth's total advantage of the mall marketing team, and the advantages of rapid transmission of information, but also has a professional team of engineers and technicians zipper advantage , with production for sale to avoid the two brokers bonuses, the advantage of reducing cost of sales zipper with semi-homemade, homemade accessory products, reduce production cost advantages of low cost, the bridge firmly grasp the zipper with a unique advantage, continued growth in development. Strong industrial base to bridge zipper zipper business to create good faith, to grasp the future market opportunities. To integrity in the community, faith in the customer faith in the market, sincere staff. In good faith to seize the opportunity to grasp the future. We should not only cherish the "China zipper town" reputation, but also to "rural Chinese zipper" carried forward, so that zipper will never take off the bridge.