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China first tour of water-rich rocks Jinsha Cultural Tourism Fair opened

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October 23, with the NPC Standing Committee, Ma Qizhi, chairman of National Committee touching crystal ball, by the Chinese ornamental Association, China Collectors Association, the Chinese Communists water-rich county, Shuifu hosted the first China People's Government • Water-rich rocks Jinsha Cultural Tourism Fair tour opened. China's first tour of water-rich rocks Jinsha Cultural Tourism Expo, "the charm of water-rich, passionate harmony," as the theme, together to create rock culture, promoting the development of cultural industries stone for the purpose of exhibiting products with all kinds of ornamental stones, jewelry Jade, antiques and paintings, root carving, folk handicrafts. Pavilion has a fine exhibition area and trade area, nearly 1 million square meters, outside the province has attracted all kinds of ornamental stone, jade jewelry, antiques and paintings, root carving, folk work Art come to the exhibition. According to Lang, secretary of the water-rich county school super-introduced, water-rich is located in the Yangtze River, the Jinsha River, Yokoe convergence zone, has produced stones, rocks the unique advantages of geography and geology, water, stone-rich rocks to the main screen the Jinsha River, over the years , Water-rich county government make the best use out rocks one culture to create cultural card for the county, attracting domestic and overseas rock groups of friends, players, rock to come to study the water-rich, ornamental stones, stone and view purchase stone. Evaluation by experts, there are Watch over 180 kinds of ornamental value, unique in many ornamental species, with a dignified stone type, stone surface smooth, steady tone, presenting a rich visual image, with a poetic filling, Painting striking, deep meaning, interest Meaningful viewing taste, with superb, confusing, Living, days Gongqiao into the picture composition, make people feel imagines, God felt, indistinct indistinct Xi Xi and fun.