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Does China have a real zipper

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Jinjiang, known as "China Zip capital", is a typical metal industrial base. Base metal industry booming, the overall level of China's hardware industry upgrading for local economic growth has made outstanding contributions. However, Such a "zipper capital", is a name match with the market size and development potential? Started: the rise of the reform and opening up July 2005, China National Hardware Association, Jinjiang City, awarded the "Chinese zipper" title. Jinjiang has more than 300 zipper manufacturing enterprise, employing 5.5 million people, with an annual output of more than 50 zip million meters, annual output value of 5 billion yuan. Zipper product variety, complete specifications. Both nylon zipper, plastic zipper there, copper zipper, double-bone zipper, invisible zipper, waterproof zipper, flame retardant zippers, reflective zipper and specifications on the 30th the world's largest zipper; Both for clothing, bags industry variety, there are used in industry, health, environmental protection, fisheries, aviation, military high-tech special varieties. Currently, Jinjiang City has cultivated a value of over a hundred million supporting enterprise zipper and zipper 5 , The annual output of 50 million -7000 million enterprise 3, 4000-5000 annual output value of 17 million businesses. Which SBS's "SBS" has become the world's second largest brand in the domestic industry with the largest and most powerful Strong, the most complete products of different specifications zipper manufacturer. Jinjiang zipper industry started in the beginning of reform and opening up, after years of development, the city's existing zipper manufacturing and supporting more than 130 enterprises, employing nearly 6 million people in 2006, the industry output value reached 6.3 billion, production capacity Occupy the same industry Liucheng above. Jinjiang zipper also emerged SBS, Fusing and other industries well-known brands. Relative to the Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places of the zipper industry, the Jinjiang zipper industry in technology innovation and product Development, brand promotion, etc. are effective in the domestic industry driving the radiation plays an essential role. Jinjiang formed a four characteristics zipper industrial base. First, SBS Zipper Industrial District, located in Shenzhen and Shanghai township, brought together more than 10 zipper manufacturers. Second, Fuxing Zipper Industrial District, located south of Long Town, together More than 40 zipper manufacturers. Third, Fenglin zipper industrial zone, located in Long Town, Maple Village, brought together more than 30 zipper manufacturers. Fourth, the British Linla chain industrial zone, located in British Town area, brought together more than 20 manufacturing zipper Enterprises. Currently there are around 15 Jinnan Ribbon manufacturers, 12 bleaching and dyeing enterprises, 22 enterprises plating color spray, 5 and 6 chemical fiber enterprises machinery manufacturing enterprises, for many years specialized in supporting the processing for the Jinjiang zipper.