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China is encouraged a large amount of strategical mine product entrance increase

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Mineral products resource is the important matter base that economic society expands. Development uses the inevitable requirement that mineral products resource is modernization. Height of the Party Central Committee, the State Council takes seriously. 16 in the party 5 medium, 6 in in plenary meeting file, managing to accelerating construction resource model it is society, important to strengthen perambulate of geology of mineral products resource, execute close to sleave is collected and be used integratedly, build perfect resource development is paid use system and compensation mechanism, put forward to make clear a requirement. The State Council published a series of documents early or late, from development of geological perambulate, mineral products, resource economy of managing, loop, environmental protection, land manages, the respect such as in order to of benefit of development of source of foreign capital of safe production, condition and coal industry development, to mineral products resource development used the job to make comprehensive deploy. Stimulative economy society is coordinated in the round can develop continuously, must strengthen mineral products resource reasonable use and protect government.

One, development of mineral products resource uses the job to gain remarkable success

Reforming and opening especially " 15 " since period, in various places, departmental door and domain of mineral products resource the joint efforts of broad cadre worker falls, job of perambulate of our country mineral products is strengthened stage by stage, resource development uses a level to rise ceaselessly, reforming and opening of mining industry domain is advanced steadily, system of law law plan is built basically, development of mineral products resource is used the main effect that prop up had in national economy and social progress.

Mineral products perambulate gains new headway. "15 " during, countrywide geology investigates working development to begin, the key takes perambulate strength to be increased apparently into mining area, crisis mine looks for mine job to begin to undertake. 2005 with compared 2000, investment of mineral products perambulate grows 58% , perambulate project by 7000 many increase 20 thousand many, perambulate area enlarges kilometer of 400 much square by kilometer of 200 much square. New discovery is large and medium-sized mineral products ground exceeds 1000 point, find the 8 ascertain reserves such as a fabled abode of immortals of bay of Xinjiang tower river, Bohai Sea to be more than 100 million tons in succession get ready oil field, 5 ascertain reserves of Sichuan general light, Inner Mongolia such as Sulige are more than the big gas field of 100 billion stere, waited for province area to discover a batch in Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan large and medium-sized ground of nonferrous metal mineral products. Coal ascertain reserves adds 18.8 billion tons completely, iron ore adds 1.5 billion tons completely, bauxite stone adds 250 million tons completely.
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