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Olympic Games place closes to industry of head stone lumber leaps

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Put in without mint advertising, also do not have dazzling hype, it is to be in quiet billows it seems that, in industry of head stone lumber is being installed to entering the leap that do poineering work 2 times south.

A variety of evidence make clear, bosses of those low-key head stone material, come two many years recently so busy however that fly, the reason is: Construction of Olympic Games place needs many stone capable person, urge head employers so that fly.

Meanwhile, the home such as material of health benefit stone, Bao Chengshi course of study's top-ranking bibcock enterprise is entered in succession be stationed in head to establish base, a stone material boss of local says, same ground enters head stone Cai Zhengfei 2 times to do poineering work.

Olympic Games economy aids force head leap

The person austral Fujian knows, from go up century the industry of head stone lumber that 90 time start, had developed to have the 40 % of crop of countrywide stone material up to now, and head person mastered the whole nation basically the 7 stone capable person that become above sell the market.

Not long ago, the complete province that the Fujian Province announces in group of 10 big industries, group of industry of head stone lumber ranks the first, the building materials austral Fujian pool of 10 thousand Yi says president of the first mart, it is stone lumber industry of the center with market of the first building materials, have manufacturing industry company at present many 1300, include the capable person of more than kinds of 1000 stone that registers on the world at present tastes color, have many 600 into the domestic and international agency that be stationed in, year trade the forehead amounts to 3 billion yuan.

In fact, today's head has been the head of internationalization, people is in when there is the public house of above of 3 SamSungs class in a small villages and towns amazedly, here begins from last year, another big business chance is urging industry of lumber of stone of unboiled water head to upgrade again.

The reporter understands, 2008 Olympic Games place are built, the stone material with much need already by bosses of head stone material gaze at, "The least 7 need head person to do into the stone material of above. " a boss that is not willing to disclose a full name says, he had been taken among them the business of all stone lumber of place of a match, one does no less than coming, pulled several enterprises to be done together.

And show from public data before this, material of lucky hair stone already contest mark took project of Olympic Games form a complete set a mark paragraph stone material is sold and decorate a project, according to lucky hair boss Ceng Wenyi says, another mark paragraph also be be taken by head enterprise.

Wang Shangyun of president of Inc. of Dong Shengshi course of study is opposite chairman of chamber of commerce of material of fontal city stone, Fujian Province the competition of material of fontal city stone in Olympic Games economy very value, when this suffers media reporter to interview secondhand, he says, fontal city is base of the throughout the country's biggest stone material treatment, have the whole nation's most all ready stone capable person range of products, and outer the network of complete supply and marketing of main forces of nearly 500 thousand sale, this explained industry of lumber of fontal city stone is in Beijing adequately " Olympic Games economy " in have very strong competition ability.
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