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Who will rectify mine of Chinese stone material

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Reserves of stone material resource is the world the first, the wastage of stone lumber raw material also is the world the first. Quite company of partial mine mine " make full use of " resource of material of Chinese rich stone, excessive collects chaos to dig, incontinent, ruinous it is annihilative plunder resource even, and stone material serves as cannot renewable resources by much waste, cause our country share outstanding stone material resource is already adjacent and dried up. As a result of each respect reason, cause mine not to have foreword exploitation, destroying silvan vegetation while, the dust that machines stone material generation, liquid waste (mortar) with noise, aggravate zoology environment is exasperate; Because extract process safety is reached carelessly,extract at the same time means is undeserved, had caused numerous accident to happen, can't help letting popular feeling give birth to cold chestnut.

Put the issue that be in

Exploitation means

Be in abroad relatively developed country, become a useful person to rise rate, use exploitation of advanced mechanization step type mostly, if use diamond rope to curium to marble, granite uses blaze cut to wait, although be in,become a useful person there is fixed rate on rate rise, but because its exploitation cost is high, seldom count a few large companies to be able to apply only in our country, major medium and small businesses still cannot get promotion.

Current, mine of domestic stone material is lacked because of capital mostly, the equipment of exploitation equipment lags behind badly, can use method of exploitation of handiwork of domestic type small mine only, main facility moves charge, calabash to a string of 1 for the hand (or other hand uses hoisting device) , drawing winch, the stock with some a bit powerful actual strength is new old differ fork-lift truck, bulldozer, empty press (it is diesel engine motivation more) , crane and part are shabby carriage car is waited a moment, with abroad advanced exploitation equipment matchs heart apart very far. In the whole nation at present the mine with not only much amount to uses abroad's advanced exploitation equipment and relatively sound exploitation technology, for example Shandong Rong Chengzhong tastes skerry red mine, used rope of diamond a string of beads to curium exploitation, the assorted exploitation method that returns some mine to apply machine of cut of blaze of smell of gunpowder to add an aperture to blow up (granitic mine uses Fujian and Shandong great majority) , but domestic most mine still is used backward, inefficient, the methodological mining that barren expects rate is low, cause natural resources of many material of complete stone inscription to be destroyed, resources waste makes a person distressed.

Mine of material of general and small-sized stone collects labour of choose and employ persons to come off surface layer enclothes → machinery or dynamite of manual drilling → to discharge aperture to blow up normally detached rock → chooses an exploitation method that platoon of place of → of makings handiwork plastics abandons a stone → be out of practice with be spent better, this kind of mine collects the be out of practice that give to expect existence concealments crackle and cause its plank rate is inferior, waste material is slow-moving and price is low. In the mining area with some hill high steep road, used the exploitation method that room of hill body Dong blows up greatly even, a lot of marble ore deposit that promote like Sichuan treasure heat up high and precipitous because of hill, build mine highway difficulty bigger, cost is high, reason uses the exploitation method that Dong room blows up greatly more. Often Dong room blows up collapse with respect to scamper the hill system with half expensive kilometre, whole valley cram, a lot of large a stone (big person in all places above) be buried to be in explode tremendously caboodle is medium and cannot clear come out, pile a put oneself in another's position with relatively a few larger choose to undertake breaking up to riprap again next, rate of the makings that become be out of practice is less than 5% , and most rock by scamper disintegrate, resources waste is extremely serious. Those who be worth to congratulate is, conditional development business has begun to use method of most advanced Dong room exploitation. Level is in before Hubei somewhere gules striation is granitic mine also the kind that somebody plans to blow up with Dong room will have mine, my divide evenly ever objected stoutly, a resource circumstances have not make a thorough investigation of, for a few or material of hundreds of waste employs hundreds tons of dynamite to have blind mine, not only costly is arduous, the harm that expects to barren is very big, second Dong room blows up natural resources of establishment of pair of highway, communication, ore, water natural resources and all round humanitarian landscape environment (mine dot is located in inside beauty spot) wait to cause immediate pecuniary loss to become tremendous destruction, this thes loss outweights the gain.
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