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Farmer of Guangxi willow river is driven already " stone " octogenarian is sent

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In recent years, the good name that lending Liuzhou strange stone and rely on border urban advantage, willow river county 100 friend, into the group, 3, in the farmer of advanced villages and towns not only drive rose " stone " octogenarian, still initiated " stone " money.

In order to produce the Liu Jiang with strange stone and stone famous capable person, 3 multicoloured stone, in the Mo Shi of tall Mu Wen stone, 100 friend is domestic and international far and near is famed.

Come for years, farmer of willow river county is in the strange stone assemble that collects into the group to press down 6 villages to to the 3 322 countries that press down board river village both sides, by tens of thousands the gardens of each different views and admire look look strange stone, dressed up this one belt to grow 10 much kilometers " strange stone a covered corridor or walk " , the gardens that drew fan of domestic and international strange rock and each district builds a branch to come round to view and admire and be bought. Introduce according to a farmer agent that does not wish to disclose a full name: Willow river county is annual from " strange stone a covered corridor or walk " the strange stone that give out does not issue 20 thousand tons.

Current, put in " strange stone a covered corridor or walk " size strange stone does not issue 100 thousand, the farmer that manages strange stone technically has nearly 50 people, pass the effort of these farmer agent, strange stone of Liu Jiang sells land of past whole nation, export even sell as far as to the country such as Singapore, Korea.