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Near future of value of product of exit stone material will rise

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The association of industry of Chinese stone lumber that holds in Fujian head from November 7 comes out on enlarged meeting of 5 2 chairman office latest news: Give production the pressure that the enterprise brings to reduce product of partial stone material to cancel to export drawback, enterprise heavyweight boss shows the stone capable person of area of and other places of controller of the organization of stone material institute that comes from place of production of timber of countrywide main stone, current business and Fujian, Guangdong, Shandong, Xinjiang, Heibei, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia in succession, increasing product quality, class ceaselessly, improve stone material product on the foundation of additional cost, the near future will raise price of product of exit stone material appropriately, at present with hold together Shicai produces the small profit condition of the enterprise, can last what ensure stone look forward to development.

In last few years since, as the rapid growth of demand of market of lumber of natural adornment stone, look forward to of stone of type of mill of a few small-sized families does more more, formed the bad situation that the demand a low price competes in the market, the contest mark that this kind of situation affects Chinese stone look forward to is in abroad even. From this, company of most stone lumber already was faced with small profit to keep the difficult condition that runs originally even. The near future, the country stems from the consideration of macroscopical adjusting control, published new foreign trade policy, product of partial stone material exports drawback to be cancelled, the market form that makes Shi Cun produces a business becomes more austere. Accordingly, 5 2 chairman office enlarge the association of industry of Chinese stone lumber that holds before long afore on the meeting, when ginseng is the leader of organization of trade of each district stone of the meeting and brook stone, round-the-world, Kang Li, tall, the famous Shi Caisheng such as 10 thousand lis of Feng Shan, stone, Hua Bao, tower star, extensive increase, Xuan Wu, Lei art produces a business, the near future will raise the price of goods of exit stone material and product of domestic stone material, develop in order to make sure the normal operation of the enterprise is mixed continuously. As we have learned. Material of a few stone is main province and area, considering establishing market price alliance to organize, strengthen an industry to control oneself, slam the door is undesirable compete, in order to safeguard the rights and interests of the industry.

Be in the world that evening holds one day on forum of height of stone lumber industry, conference chairman Zou Chuansheng represents association of industry of Chinese stone lumber: "Cancel to export the cost that raises after drawback, in digestive of interior of stone lumber company at the same time, the stock trader of our hope abroad also bears some of cost " . This shows, the collective of company of Chinese stone lumber rises in price to already was become finality.
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