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Talk about current situation of market of lumber of our country stone and counte

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Like cement, glass, material of our country stone is in the world falling-rising tone name is distinguished, "4 big " laurel be worthy of. It is big country of stone material resource. Data of material of our country stone is rich, widespread, already the stone material breed of ascertain has 2000 kinds of above, still be in development, have stone material resource to hill of the five fingers from long Bai Shan. At present many 3000 mine of ascertain, reserve all is in tens of thousands of and even a few stere, exploitation counts hundred years resource also won't dried up. 2 it is big country of stone timber production. According to concerning statistical material, stone material crop amounted to our country 2000 15 million tons, still do not include vast rural area to build a room to use stone material, countrywide stone material produced total production value to amount to many yuan 1000 2001. 3 it is big country of stone material consumption. Absolute magnitude of total project of domestic building adornment is common 2000 all sorts of stone plank 60 million square metre, rose to 100 million square metre 2001. 4 it is exit big country, stone material exported amount to be 948 million dollar last year, than going up year of growth 20.15 % , take the world the first.
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When 2000, company of industry of countrywide stone lumber already grew nearly 30 thousand, amount to 5.5 million person from personnel of course of study, some enterprises year treatment plank ability can amount to 500 thousand ~ 1 million square metre, review the progress of industry of countrywide stone lumber, be in so-called " base of 4 big treatment " Shandong (Lai city) , Fujian (south how) , Guangdong (Yun Fu) , Sichuan (elegant how) later, emerge again reveal Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Henan, Zhejiang, Hubei, Xinjiang to wait for a batch of new treatment base.
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The development of industry of lumber of cloud float a unit of dry measure for grain is an epitome that industry of Chinese stone lumber grows more. Cloud floatstone material develops the policy of reforming and opening of profit from party and local government to care support. In 20 centuries 80 time appeared the private enterprise of a batch of touch a stone and turn it into gold, be like always material of smooth brother stone material of stone of total plant of timber of limited company, Rong Huafu stone, golden hill material of stone of limited company, spring scenery limited company. Because breed of onefold stone material cannot satisfy the need that market of Pearl River delta rises increasingly, arrive from Heilongjiang then Hainan treasure island, boat hill archipelago arrives in Cong Tianshan, every has variety of rare stone material, be made machine by float of carry back cloud, next coronal with canorous " cloud floatstone material " the brand pushs market of Xiang Hai inside and outside. Cloud floatstone material also by onefold breed, develop to have granitic, marble, slabstone gradually 3 large category, red, white, grey, green, black, blue, yellow, palm, piebald wait for series of 9 big sizes, 600 many breed. Nowadays, yun Fu has become the stone material distribution centre of be worthy of the name, form the treatment mode of similar Italy: Barren is bought to expect outside -- carry back is machined -- export finished product.
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