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Land ministry: Severe price controlling a house has risen fast city land is supp

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Li Yuan of undersecretary of ministry of land natural resources pointed out yesterday, maneuver of benefit of next year land delimits middle peasant turns with the ground use and farmland takes up index still maintains the level this year. On index allocation, want to compress industrial land appropriately, increase the people's livelihood to use the land, make sure indispensable infrastructure uses the land, will optimize estate market land to supply a structure, in been control by plan certainty ratio low price, medium applicable Fang Helian hires house of small family commodity, economy the land of the room is supplied. Had risen to price of a few houses fast city, will increase land to supply adjusting control strength, strengthen coach and supervise and urge examination.
Land adjusting control serves as the component of macroscopical adjusting control, bigger effect will be produced 2007. Yesterday, li Yuan of undersecretary of ministry of land natural resources is in " conference of director of office of countrywide land natural resources " on divulge, the meeting of job of the economy central that holds recently, emphasize wanting to regard change economy as to grow the breach of means and important grasper intensive with the ground particularly, next greater strength try to advance. He expresses, branch of next year land will continue to father a land gate, implement each policy of firm land management and adjusting control, accelerate the change that land is used and manages kind.
Red line of 1.8 billion mus of farmland
"Emphasize in the center of, 1.8 billion mus of farmland this red line, cannot cross anyhow. " Li Yuan expresses, basic farm protection is superintended, want to be on the foundation of area of check and ratify, fulfil plot and farmer.
Li Yuan expresses, to make sure policy is fulfilled, ministry of land natural resources will save area city farmland to protect responsibility target to fulfill a circumstance to undertake selectiving examination to each. Selective examination unqualified, instruct rectify and reform, the farmland that quality of deadline complement quantity comparatives and fill the basic farm that delimits quantitative quality comparatives. During rectifying and reform, time-out should visit area town agricultural the ground turns to use and ask for the ground to examine and approve.
Additional, resource ministry will increase land to be violated to breaking the law compasses the monitoring go on a tour of inspection of the case that use the land, lead the discovery of illegal behavior and check rate label assessment target. Li Yuan points out, the place is various main controller is opposite the government the farmland inside area of politics of one's own profession retains quantity and basic farm monitoring area, land uses overall planning and annual plan to carry out a circumstance to be in charge of. Accordingly, the local government controller of neglect one's duty will be found out to lead responsibility.
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