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Professional production " Hua Feng " pump of card aluminium alloy

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Our company major is produced "Hua Feng " pump of card aluminium alloy, model steel pump and stainless steel pump. This product is portable wholesome, save labour, fill tolerance big, apply to a bicycle, electric car, autocycle, tricycle, sedan and ball kind, hovercraft aerates, most favorable opposition tolerance can amount to 16 atmosphere, it is old people, woman, children aerates ideally tool. Had had two years recently famous degree of more expensive bicycle plant, electric car plant, motorcycle plant the inflator us follows a car to sell as their brand inflator, some organizes sales promotion activity as gift, got very good benefit. The company holds to technical progress and union of administrative progress photograph, carry out a talent to develop the strategy energetically. Through be introduced ceaselessly and be being fostered, built the employee team with a good quality. The company introduces international advanced technique in great quantities. The development speed of new product is accelerated ceaselessly, formed range of products to change stage by stage, the development pattern of much breed, got used to market demand, at present the company already developed development to give 5 old series more than 10 kinds of products. The company built whole quality guarantee system. " the start that quality is value and dignity " manage a concept as quality, and with its perforative in whole production process, make every employee is provided had high sense of responsibility. The company detects the method is complete, made sure the product is component quality, overall those who assemble quality and product function is ceaseless rise, maintained the banner level in course of study of countrywide person of the same trade.