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Circular economy progress forces quickly the industry such as iron and steel is

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All cities arrive 2010 brick of taboo sincere clay; All building synchronism of coal fired generation set is installed and run desulphurization establishment, already built coal fired generation set to be transformed in all before 2015 to decoke that finish; Cement industry has day to produce 2000 tons of above and product line of newly-built new-style cement working a way, should be installed or build microtherm beyond heat to generate electricity equipment; Steely industry is existing blast furnace of 1000 stere above and build blast furnace, should be installed or build roof to press difference to generate electricity equipment.
This is the requirement that the State Council holds conference of videophone of development loop economy to put forward clearly yesterday. Total bureau of national environmental protection discloses about the expert, these specific targets, the development that will affect the industry such as our country building, electric power, cement, iron and steel directly is moved toward, because this has mark sex sense.
The conference from decrease quantify, recycle, resource is changed, harmless change and the respect such as system mechanism, offerred the throughout the country " 915 " the main goal that circular economy grows: Specific power consumption of unit gross domestic product drops 20 % left and right sides, unit industry increases value water consumption to drop 30 % , reproducing of mechanical and electrical products attains certain scale, integrated utilization rate increases mineral products resource 5 percent, integrated utilization rate raises trash of industrial solid body 60 % , main contaminant discharges gross to reduce 10 % .
National hair changes appoint offerred number shows, found a state 50 come for years, the GDP of our country grew about 10 times, at the same time mineral products resource spends growth 40 times.
The conference puts forward to develop circular economy to want exert oneself to seize good industry, traffic, building the energy-saving job of 3 big fields and nine key industry advance 6 keys task.
About circular economy pilot job, the conference emphasizes, push area of area of garden of domain of key industry and enterprise, key, key, key and city pilot, explore the effective pattern that circular economy grows, do well classification is directive, produce demonstrative effect.
As we have learned, current, economy of loop of level of our country area grows somewhat in a lot of places, but development is the most successful should belong to Zhejiang province. Among them, provide most have representatively the following 3 kinds of mode: It is " always health mode " , rely on with purchasing the metallic renewable resources such as aluminous, copper to be in great quantities, make piece " of Chinese hardware " ; 2 be " road bridge, Wen Ling mode " , wait for firm waste material through importing useless old electric equipment, hardware from abroad in great quantities, the course tears open solution, classification and treatment, export finished product, semi-manufactured goods to circumjacent area in great quantities again; 3 be " more than Yao, Ci Xi mode " , in order to abandon old metal, plastic reclaim to enter a place to cut, form useless old other people, fittings, catenary of home appliance industry.
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