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Iron ore entrance manages new measure to will come on stage

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Yesterday, luo Bing of vice-chairman of association of Chinese iron and steel industry is born in Beijing to divulge, this year before the end of the year, in steel assist with China chamber of commerce of imports and exports of 5 mine chemical industry will publish 3 new iron ore to import administrative measure, include normative iron ore to import an enterprise aptitude management, carry out iron ore to import agency system and monitoring entrance iron ore to flow to the content such as backward steelworks.
End yesterday " development of strategy of chain of Chinese steely industry and investment peak are met " on, luo Bing is unripe express, current, enterprise of Chinese main iron and steel and iron ore trafficker already were reached with respect to new policy consistent, in steel assist will hold a press conference to announce the new policy that is about to come on stage and more detail recently.
Additional, begin from December 15, to control iron and steel the exit of product of low additional cost, our country reduces the exit of domestic steel products the 3rd times to withdraw tax rate, by 11% fall for 8% . Luo Bing is born to disclose at the same time, governmental next year will control steely new increase production further can, fall into disuse backward, still will limit a share at the same time the exit of crude steel breed of low additional cost. He points out, steel products is new this year increase production can 51% use at exit, won't appear absolutely next year this kind of circumstance, if iron and steel is produced,can cannot get control, the government will adjust policy of steely product drawback the 4th times.
Luo Bing is unripe express, suffer policy effect, pressure of balance of supply and demand of steely market of next year our country is very great, beg a trend to show for be more than, the iron ore demand that affects next year further. On the meeting, personage of high level of Chinese steely employment all expresses, supply and demand of market of international iron ore will be balanced further 2007.