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Moisture of accept rice alumina comes loose fluid

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Moisture of accept rice alumina medicinal powder fluidαAl2O3 Product code name: Hangzhou of L01 of VK – phone of of limited company of new material of 10 thousand scene: 0571 - alumina of rice of accept of photograph of 85968971 α stability of photograph of oar makings brilliant, hardness stability of tall, dimension is good, can apply extensively at the product such as all sorts of plastic, balata, pottery and porcelain, fireproof material fill to add pliable but strong by force. The compact sex that raises pottery and porcelain especially, bright and clean degree, cold hot fatigue sex, rupture the tenacity, wear-resisting function that fights creep function and product of high polymer material particularly remarkable. As a result of alumina of rice of α photograph accept the oar expects is the far infra-red emissive material with superior performance, in outside serving as Yuan Gong, blasting off to be applied at chemical fibber product and high-pressured natrium lamp with insulation material. In addition, rate of resistor of α photograph alumina is high, have good insulation property, applicable is mixed at the main fittings of YGA laser brilliant in integrated circuit substrate. Accept rice alumina the oar expects main function is to rise ultraviolet of solidify coating be able to bear or endure scratch ability and durable sex, these are ultraviolet the field that solidify coating uses at needing high wear-resisting in great quantities, for instance plastic floor. Among them L01 of VK – is the grain of accept rice alumina with a kind of dispersive ability in swimming. Use add a level to be 0.5% to 5% , suckle what raise coating apparently scratch function. L02 of VK – is 3 third 2 alcohol the grain of alumina accept rice with 2 acrylic dispersive ester, use at 100% ultraviolet the coating of solidify. Same, coating recipe adds limits also is 0.5% to 5% , the mechanical performance that improves coating apparently. Dosage
Recommend accept rice alumina oar makings dosage is 0.5 ~ 5 % , the person that use should decide through the experiment according to different system optimal add a capacity. The norms that pack: Outfit of 25 kilograms of buckets