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Index of boom of industry of Bank of China of the four seasons is amounted to 6

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The newest report that Chinese people bank issues today shows, course of study of Bank of China of the fourth quarter manages in order, operation health is smooth, boom index is as high as 6 into 9, achieve the history new tall, came true successive of 6 quarters climb litre.
Today, the the four seasons that finishs jointly by Chinese people bank and national statistic bureau spends findings report of questionnaire of home of Bank of China to be announced external.
The report points out, smooth and main show is in health of operation of estate of Bank of China of the fourth quarter bank financing source is adequate, demand is exuberant, index of boom of each financial index goes high and achieve in all inside year new tall.
Index of heart of family letter of Bank of China picks up somewhat. The report says, the four seasons is spent this year, economy of judgement of home of Bank of China moves " slant hot " scale is inside year first degrees of occurrence fall after a rise, to economy " slant hot " anxious relatively on season alleviates somewhat.
In the meantime, index of this season banker confidence rebounds to the balanced dot above of 50% , achieve 58.4% , the judgement that shows banker to move to macroscopical economy tends improve, but future goes situation how to still wait for continue to monitor.
In addition, this season banker is experienced to what monetary policy hasten tightens alleviate somewhat, monetary policy experiences an index (choice monetary policy " measurable " banker is occupied than) rise to 63% . But hold " slant close " the banker of the view is occupied chase season to increase than still be in, among them president of bank of head office class is experienced closely to monetary policy hasten most apparent.
The report still shows, index of this boom of season loan demand and on season keeps balance basically, but still be in perch. Among them, the individual goes up index of boom of consumptive loan demand is small raise, rise to annual highest.