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Spin in machine seek a company and buy Germany to spin machine into first select

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In last few years, as spin inflexible demand increases China to spin aircraft company actual strength to also be in increasingly ceaseless promotion. Although spin aircraft company to China whether should " go " doubt sound is very much still, but the investment outside the condition and the spin aircraft company enthusiasm that set agency outside the condition are not decreased. In the meantime, the Germany that produces power as world machinery became many China to spin the first selection of aircraft company. Among them, spin through buying Germany at present machine acquire a company all-around the promotion, method that moves toward internationalization quickly has made very popular way.

Come nearly two years especially, such in heart collaboration is very frequent. Accordingly, chinese rigid company goes Germany is not to go " occupational " German market, learn however " German experience " , through Germany this window gains world market. This ability is China is spun machine " go " the worthiest thing that goes to Germany. Saying with its is " buy " still be inferior to saying is China is spun of machine " Germany studies abroad " row.

Of the two countries in heart spin aircraft company to have very strong complementary sex. German pay attention to product quality, the Chinese has an advantage on product value, both union just can be created together " cheap and fine " spin machine times newly. Besides, after Chinese enterprise buys German company, can use this enterprise to be in Germany original channel, talent and technology, these are to expand a kind of means of actual strength. It is a shortcut more to promoting China the respect tasting Pi of the enterprise especially.