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Accept rice is waterproof prevent oil anti-fouling agent

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Accept rice is waterproof prevent oil anti-fouling agent Model: VK-F01 Hangzhou phone of of limited company of new material of 10 thousand scene: 0571 - 85968971 Super- rice of double scanty pay is anti-fouling agent " n duality cooperates with technology of accept rice interface " theory is to introduce bionics principle. Research lotus leaf " piece silty and do not catch " " water of drop Shui Chengzhu, refus is anti-fouling " exterior micromechanism, undertake in accept rice measure to the fiber surface of spin fabrics the interface is decorated, polymerization and modified, make its behave favorable balance of trade constant sex of content of accept rice interface, form the 4 big effect with accept rice peculiar structure.
The spin fabrics with all sorts of qualitative material such as cotton, wool, hemp, silk, chemical fibber passes accept rice waterproof prevent oil anti-fouling agent interface technical divisions manages, can endow with at waterproof breathe freely, refus corrupt Yi Xixin function. As lotus leaf effect, the quality of a material that still carries former fabrics at the same time, feel, style and prison are spent. Essence of life spins wool to knit fabrics to pass accept rice waterproof prevent oil anti-fouling agent interface technical divisions manages, can solve headache shrink rate; Product of silk of the cotton after processing, wool, egg is fought knit function to rise considerably, machine the implementation that can wash removes your wash clothes anxious. The accept rice that exceeds double scanty technology is waterproof prevent oil anti-fouling agent fabrics is had at the same time prevent oily, waterproof, dustproof, softness, breathe freely, environmental protection, wash-and-wear wait for a function;
Accept rice is waterproof prevent oil anti-fouling the agent is had waterproof, prevent oily, anti-fouling, fight bacterium, enhance fibrous function. The feel that the fabric after be being arranged via its can maintain original, permeability, colour and lustre, dress is comfortable the characteristic such as the gender, have general hydrocarbon kind reach organic silicon kind, arrange what agent place does not have to prevent oily. In addition, contain still have dosage small, effect tall, wear is strong and the advantage that accords with environmental protection requirement, because this got,gain ground quickly and popularize.
After accept rice interface exceeds double scanty technical divisions to manage, because its exceed double scanty character, make fabric provides wash-and-wear function more. Fabrics has environmental protection free from contamination, avirulent character. Waterproof and highest achieve 6 class above, prevent oil highest reach 6 level (national wool spinning detects center) .
Use method: 1. Should make be besmeared before Shi Tu face cleanness, dry. Should keep clear of dirt, rinse clean with water, dry reserve. If be surface of glass, ceramic tile, metal, applied glass cleans an agent or scour aqueous solution is cleaned clean. Plastic surface can be cleaned with scour, use organic dissolvent when necessary (like alcohol kind, ketone) clean. 2. The proposal uses the high quality spray gun with high-powered good pulverization, spray distance 30~40cm is advisable, such but spray is even, save coating, cost amount is 50-100m about
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