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Amino acid keeps wet agent

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Amino acid keeps wet agent Model: VK- N50 Hangzhou phone of of limited company of new material of 10 thousand scene: 0571 - amino acid of 85968971 keeps wet agent outward appearance: Amino acid protects white crystal moisture of 99% of ≥ of wet agent content: ≤ 1.0% PH: Grey portion of 6.0 -7.0: ≤ 0.1% amino acid protects wet agent Methylglycine is a kind of zwitterion model efficient keep wet agent, in medlar of natural consist in, kelp. Amino acid keeps wet agent effect and transparent qualitative acid is identical, Can use at cosmetic and catharsis surely kind in the product. Amino acid keeps wet agent is one kind is absorbed fast, active is tall new-style keep wet agent, nurse in the individual in the application of the product, can rapid improvement skins and the water of the hair divides retentivity, arouse cellular vitality, have maintain skin moist, smooth, prevent the skin dry with the effect with dark hair. This amino acid protects wet agent to belong to material of simple crude structure, natural firm some keeps wet part, the ability that it retains moisture is compared any natural or complex polymer is strong. Defending wet performance is 12 times of glycerine. Have high biology compatibility, extremely easy dissolve at water, special heat-resisting, acid-proof with alkali resistance, and suitable scope is wide, maneuverable, safety is stable. Main function: Protect wet, soft skin, fight knit, whitened, relaxed. Amino acid keeps wet agent organization of organism of natural consist in, to protect wet factor naturally amino acid acid protects wet agent to have tall purity, easy use reach the characteristic such as good stability, have in cosmetic and scour product on of beautiful ensure wet result