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Accept rice titanium dioxide

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Accept rice titanium dioxide Basic message: Accept rice titanium dioxide Product model: VK-T01-66 CAS# :13463-67-7 Hangzhou phone of of limited company of new material of 10 thousand scene: 0571 - 85968971Property Titanium dioxide exterior is this rice that taste accept white is loose and pulverous. Titanium dioxide has accept rice fight ultraviolet ray, fight bacterium, from clean, combat ageing effect, still can enhance product felt power considerably. This rice that taste accept titanium dioxide is avirulent and harmless, have wonderful consistence with other raw material. Main technique index: Rice of accept of item target remarks solid body of state of powder of white of titanium dioxide exterior / property of titanium dioxide surface kisses accept rice water / lipophilic be worth rutile of form of 6-8 / brilliant according to requirement PH / acute titanium / the basis that mix brilliant asks water portion % (105, 2hr dry weightlessness) rice of ≤ 1.5 / accept titanium dioxide is average diameter of positive degree bead, nm 4, 15, 25, 60 basises ask to be accumulated than the surface, purity of M2/g 50-400 / , %>Agent of 99.8 / finishing is not had or 2 oxidation silicon, 3 oxygen are changed 2 aluminium, zirconia, the basis such as machine processing needs dry weightlessness 105 ℃ , 2h (% ) weightlessness of calcination of ≤ 0.5 (% ) arsenic of ≤ 1 (As) lead of 1.0 of Ppm ≤ (Pb) PpmApplication is characteristic: 1.Accept rice diameter of titanium dioxide bead is even, dispersive sex is good; The result is strong. 2. Accept rice titanium dioxide is avirulent, have ability of ultraviolet ray of very strong smooth catalysis, screen and exceedingly good transparency, as a kind new-style makings applies extensively already at cosmetic, prevent bask in in waiting for a product; 3. Accept rice titanium dioxide applies at plastic, balata and functional fiber product, the fighting that it can promote expensive product ageing ability, fight pulverization to be able to be able to bear or endure the intensity that awaits gender and product, maintain the color burnish of the product at the same time, extend the operating period of the product; 4. Accept rice titanium dioxide applies at printing ink, coating, spin, can very good raise its conglutinate force, fight ageing, scrab resistance can; 5. Lipophilicity accept rice titanium dioxide, can be dispersedly well in organic dissolvent and plastic resin; 6. Titanium dioxide uses accept rice in papermaking industry, can rise the easy sex that print and impermeable; 7. Apply at metallurgy and spaceflight industry; Pack: 10Kilogram /Bag of plastic film of paper bucket liner