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Guangdong saves regulation of mineral products resource

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General principles of the first chapter

The first saves the government of perambulate of mineral products resource, development to strengthen me, protect and reasonable use mineral products resource, protect mine environment, promote me to save mining industry development, basis " law of resource of mineral products of People's Republic of China " with concerned law, code, enact this ordinance.

The 2nd is saving the unit that perambulate of mineral products resource, development pursues inside canton region and individual originally, must abide by this byelaw.

Resource of the 3rd mineral products shows by geology action is formed, show the solid state, liquid state, gaseous rich that has benefit to use value. The mine of mineral products resource is planted and classification affirms with the country announce to allow.

Resource of the 4th mineral products belongs to a country all. Upper or the national ownership of resource of subterranean mineral products, the land ownership that does not depend on because of place of mineral products resource or of use differ and change.

The branch that government of people of above of class of the 5th county is in charge of geological mineral products supervising the work (mine of land of above of class of county of the following abbreviation is in charge of a branch) to the mineral products resource inside this area under administration environmental protection of geology of perambulate, exploitation and mine carries out supervisory management, the organization carries out this byelaw. The concerned branch such as various land, forestry, environmental protection, irrigation works, labor, according to respective administration function, do resource of fine mineral products to supervise the work in coordination.

Resource of mineral products of the 6th exploitation implements unified program. Government of people of prefectural class above must have done the exploitation of resource of the mineral products inside this area under administration to plan, sign up for mine of land of government of people of on one class to be in charge of a branch to put on record.

The 7th is engaged in the unit of perambulate of mineral products resource, exploitation and individual, must have country and the aptitude requirement that save a regulation. Resource of mineral products of perambulate, exploitation implements system of licensing and prospect authority, mining power paid acquire a system. The means that prospect authority, mining authority passes application or invite public bidding bids is obtained, accord with what set about law, code, can make over via be being approved lawfully, rent and mortgage.

The 8th opens mining to produce resource, must lawfully pay resource duty and expenses of compensation of mineral products resource, mining right person expends obligor for pay taxes capture. Sale mine product must use unified bill, buy not the obligor that the unit of the mine product that compensation of resource of pay mineral products expends or individual buckle resource of acting capture mineral products to compensate cost for era.
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