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Resource compensation expenses executes float to make collect limits to will exp

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Construction of economy of Ministry of finance manages vice director Li Jinghui is held yesterday " 2006 congress of China International mining industry " on express, central finance basically will compensate cost from resource of perfect mineral products next system, continue to advance resource to duty is reformed and be with coal natural resources pilot, deepen resource paid use system reforms 3 respects, deepen reform ceaselessly, duty of resource of perfect mineral products expends policy, build be helpful for resource managing the wealth tax system with environmental protection.

The explanation says Li Jinghui, in resource of perfect mineral products compensation expends system respect, raise the consideration mineral products resource to compensate level of the rate that expend cost, specific aim of expenses of compensation of resource of play mineral products is strong, the characteristic with big flexibility, build the float that uses horizontal photograph couple with resource to expend rate system, the stoping rate that adopts an area according to differring namely implements different cost rate, implement progressive cost rate.

The respect is reformed in resource duty, expend the resource duty that consolidates industry of endowment of inside and outside policy; Be opposite the needle Chinese-foreign joint venture and the mineral products that extract enterprise of collaboration of China and foreign countries collects onshore petrolic use exploitation ocean petrolic cost, unite stage by stage to recover petroleum resource duty; The expropriation that enlarges resource duty limits, the alternative at the same time partial coal produces an area to have the pilot job of duty of coal natural resources.

Deepening resource paid use system reforms a respect, li Jinghui expresses, the Ministry of finance already was made jointly with concerned branch " about deepening coal natural resources paid the executive program with use system pilot reform " , already signed up for the State Council to approve.

Current, this are pilot the job already chose the 8 provinces area such as Shanxi to spread out, pilot job counterpoises with deepening authority of prospect of coal natural resources, mining paid obtain and build mechanism of burden of fixed costs of exploration of coal natural resources, development to be core; The main content of reform includes: What authority of prospect of strict coal natural resources, mining counterpoises is paid obtain; Regard fund of central geological perambulate as supportive key perambulate of coal natural resources; Build processing of environment of coal mine field and zoology to restore a mechanism, reasonable the resource tax tax that adjusts coal natural resources expends policy.