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Tax rate adjusts imports and exports of influence Ningxia alumina

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According to Ningxia " new Izvestia " report, the Ministry of finance announces to rise from November 1, adjust the provisional duty tax rate of the import and export merchandise such as alumina, coal, ferroalloy. Because alumina is Ningxia import heavy goods, this duty tax rate is adjusted, certain to generation of Ningxia foreign trade influence.
As we have learned, adjust this, wait for oil of coal, finished product, alumina 26 resource kind the entrance tax rate of the product by 3 % ~ 6 % is reduced for 0 ~ 3 % . It is reported, before this year 9 month, ningxia foreign trade maintains high speed development, break through 1 billion dollar to close greatly first. Among them, ningxia enterprise imports alumina in all 490 thousand tons, entrance total value 2. 500 million dollar, occupy Ningxia to import the 65 % of amount, grew 96 compared to the same period. 5 % , alumina already made the fundamental goods that Ningxia imports.
The personage inside course of study is analysed, this duty tax rate is adjusted, the country aims to use policy of import revenue privilege to encourage import of product of sex of the sources of energy, resource, in the meantime, use policy of export custom duty to restrict product of sex of tall pollution, high-energy bad news, resource to export further, so, below the circumstance that at present alumina entrance price already fell, key of tax rate of this import tariff is low, it is a favour to import business, be helpful for reducing cost. Nevertheless, impose the custom duty that imposes 10 % to ferroalloy, predict to will control the export of this product.