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Land ministry builds mine of keep within limits of geological reconnaissance fun

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National free is bankroll of ground collate unit, ground collate unit not plan cost ground undertakes reconnaissance, ground of reconnaissance achievement free gives the history that mine company uses will be broken thoroughly. Ministry of land natural resources discloses now about chief say, the geological reconnaissance fund that begins to build from now on is the basic system that breaks this kind of old system. Introduce according to this controller, of resource of our country mineral products use up a large number of addition, breach of supply and demand expands ceaselessly. The reserve growth of resource of a few main mineral products cannot catch up with output growth, output growth cannot catch up with demand growth, still be in on quite old rate " rest on one's laurels " , ability of safeguard of mineral products resource is abate.
More serious is, mine company leaves mining try to gain in not complete cost profit of high specified number, and abet the fraudulent buying and selling that mine counterpoises, caused mineral products resource to develop the disorder of order. He says, current, pressing requirement establishs the new mechanism of reconnaissance of mineral products resource that suits to it, to the energy resources with reconnaissance big risk and resource of other and essential mineral products, the government increases early days reconnaissance to throw strength appropriately, drive investment of reconnaissance of commerciality mineral products.
Wang Min of undersecretary of ministry of land natural resources says, project of ground collate foundation is the reconnaissance project that shows to being had be being notted register prospect counterpoises, by administration of fund of central ground collate application prospect authority is registered, deduct in income of sell one's own things of authority of its mining industry after leaving reconnaissance unit regular proportional income, by in the center of press with the place 2: The scale of 8 is divided into, central cent is used at the center of complement into the part ground collate fund; Next, of person of mining industry right and investment of collaboration of ground collate fund, person of advantageous position of raw ore industry assesses value by mining industry authority or invest scale in order to realize investment computation, investment just presses investment scale to share rights and interests each. (This net editorial office is collected make up)