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Steely industry foreground how

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The near future, research center of progress of metallurgical industry economy held catenary of steely industry of 7 years of China to develop forum. To situation of foreground of steely industry future, concerned expert shows different attitude, be worth to pay close attention to.
Wu Xi of association of Chinese iron and steel industry pures: Rolled steel exit once suffocate suffocate, price of domestic steel products falls surely.
If not be rolled steel,export volume increases, price of domestic steel products won't come up this year so fast. Look from the amount, our country already was the exit on the world rolled steel, billet joins the state with much dispute. Look from breed structure, additional cost difference enlarges product of imports and exports, entrance unit price rises, export unit price drops. Foreign currency of imports and exports of rolled steel, base turns by unfavorable balance of trade evenly for favourable balance, but cost of paid resource, environment is too big. Board strip turns by only import for only outlet, 6 kinds of big breed all are rolled steel to be exported completely. Rolled steel of content of hi-tech of quite a few, high additional cost still is only import. The depend on sb or sth for existence that the growth of our country steely crop is imported to taking sb's place and enlarges exit is spent rise. Henceforth although the demand of our country steel will still continue to grow, but add fast fall after a rise of year after year.
The State Council develops Liu Shijin of research center vice director: Industrialized process cannot small inspect, be expected to rise is far, still did not arrive peak value.
Major person thinks economic situation will be firm this year by last year in hasten falls, but walked out of first half of the year firm in the situation that hasten rises, basically be to " 915 " leave of the bureau year administrative sex impetus measures underestimate, more important is the understanding that needs to deepen inherent to showing level China economy to grow power and feature. The " since a period produces problem of can superfluous " , can regard the in balanced process level sex phenomenon between the industry as (the decelerate after more exorbitant dot period) : Superfluous " of " of the following 2004 auto industry, since 2005 of superfluous to " of iron and steel industry " be anxious, the superfluous " of power industry " in anticipating. Once demand is accelerated, "Superfluous " may turn to be in short supply for " again " . Auto industry is quickened first half of the year this year, whether can you still be opposite produce can surplus problem to there is very big worry? Produce can superfluous " of " shortage " and " appears alternately, it is the in balanced process inevitable phenomenon between the industry in growth, the problem depends on how holding rhythm, decrease to rise and fall greatly, better balance is achieved between speed and stability.
Macroscopical economy studies research center of development of the State Council department head Zhang Liqun: In order to live, the consumptive structure that gives priority to all right upgrades, predict to will last for a long time.
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