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China and Mongolia hopeful cooperate further on mining industry

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Although did not announce any mining industry contracts, mining industry collaboration remains the China November 23, the part of the most fetching attention on forum of Mongolia business affairs. The cooperative agreement that this China and Mongolia enterprise delegate signed total value to restrain 100 million dollar in all, content involves the field such as estate, mechanical equipment.

In accompany conspicuous of Mongolia premier favour to wrap Le Defang China in entrepreneur of many 40 Mongolia, the personage that comes from mineral products and energy company occupied 1 / 4 above. They brought the mineral resources data that the mining that has severally counterpoises, include reserves of mineral products position, ascertain to wait, the hope draws the attention of Chinese relevant enterprise.

23 days afternoon, be in China - after forum of Mongolia business affairs ends, the Mongolia entrepreneur bed sheet of minerals line of business invites be a guest of ministry of Chinese land natural resources alone, interviewed a few entrepreneur of leader of union of mining industry of Li Yuan of undersecretary of ministry of land natural resources, China and China. Bilateral agreement, unconscious mining industry was organized 2007 in meet regularly wait for an activity, strengthen bilateral cooperation.

Reserves of resource of the coal of Mongolia, iron, nonferrous metal rich, cost is relatively low, it is the main reason that each country is fond of investment or buys Mongolia mineral products all the time, also be the economic pillar of Mongolia. Once for a time, only cupreous concentrate pink of Eerdengte exports the mining area with famous Mongolia, achieve Mongolia to export the 40 % of amount, among them the cupreous concentrate pink of 95 % exports China.

But Mongolia government increased a few revenue newly in domain of mineral products development this year and revised relevant tax law, those who cause investor is wait-and-see. In the meantime, a few evidence also make clear, mongolia government does not hope he becomes the raw material base of circumjacent country merely.

A personage inside course of study discloses, the exploitation authority be thwarted that a steely group of the China before this plans to buy mine in Mongolia, the plant just is set in local investment in hoping because of Mongolia respect namely, build iron and steel to process a business, is not simple iron ore carry goes to China.

Even if is such, the trade report that two countries covers in this year still comparatives grab an eye. According to in square data, this year 1 - in September, amount of unconscious commerce imports and exports is 1.13 billion dollar in, amplitude is as high as 88.8 % . This much is attributed to the increase sharply that Mongolia exports to China, 1 - China will import amount from Mongolia in September 814 million dollar, grew 126 % .

Among them mining industry still held quite large proportion. Long-term since, mongolia is right China a large amount of before a few of exit product ranks are cupreous concentrate pink, molybdenum concentrate pink, crude oil all the time. In recent years, the resource price violent wind such as nonferrous metal rises, the strength that China imports from Mongolia also is increased ceaselessly.
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