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Supply and demand of resource of our country mineral products is tight as before

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Although in recent years our country geological worker discovered large quantities of one mineral products ground, but overall situation still did not change insecurity of supply and demand of resource of our country mineral products, concern especially a large amount of mineral products supply and demand such as the oil of national economy lifeblood, copper, aluminous, sylvite are contradictory and outstanding.

On the meeting of bed of the 8th whole nation that holds here, chinese geology investigates Zhang Hongtao of bureau deputy director general to say, as the rapid development of our country economy, appear to mineral products resource huge demand, present rapid growth state, contradiction of supply and demand of resource of main mineral products is increasingly outstanding, import volume year after year is climbed litre. At present a large amount of our country mineral products external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent rise ceaselessly, our country copper consumes 40% , the 90% above that the 1/3 that oil consumes, sylvite consumes need to count an import.

Since our country started major key of land natural resources to check in September 1999, already accumulative total new discovery ground of 747 office mineral products, the respect seeking ore deposit that plants in the important mine such as copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, stannum obtained major breakthrough. Up to by 2005, geological investigation branch already accumulative total is referred add cupreous resource newly to measure many tons 2800, bauxite many tons 2000, iron ore many tons 760 million, gold many tons 1000, silver-colored 77 thousand tons, sylvite 417 million tons. These added resources capacity newly to alleviate on certain level supply and demand of resource of our country mineral products is contradictory, but still not from go up at all remove situation of insecurity of supply and demand of resource of our country mineral products.

Zhang Hongtao analysis thinks, the pattern of supply and demand of product of mine of current our country is " rice flour is insufficient, gourmet powder condiment is much " . In the product of the most in short supply 16 kinds of mine that announces in our country, the platoon is in foremost is the energy mineral products such as oil, natural gas, a large amount of metal mineral products such as iron, copper, chromium are very in short supply also, the industry such as tungsten, stannum, rare earth " gourmet powder " supply relatively enough.

Additional, so the advantage position of resource of mineral products of a few advantages also is in our country to be changed infirmly. As a result of successive and old excessive exploitation, bring about tungsten ore reserves to drop quickly, resource advantage is progressively and abate. Occupy our country the sources of energy to consume the coal of 70% above, also check working lag because of later period essence, can extract the quantity also is in drop quickly. Zhang Hongtao suggests, adopt " both ends is pulled move " politic, the perambulate of resource of aggrandizement mineral products develops strength, encouraging social capital to enter mineral products while perambulate develops a field, the country should increase investment, the early days perambulate that accelerates resource of pair of in short supply mineral products works.
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