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Group of Shaanxi molybdenum industry takes shape

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Via relevant orgnaization and expert evaluation, shaanxi saves China county to was awarded estate of " China molybdenum recently---China county gold piles city " title. As we have learned, china county mineral products is resourceful, highlight most with molybdenum resource among them, it is one of 6 big molybdenum bed of world. Current, district of city of lot of China county gold already quantity of ore of ascertain molybdenum resource amounts to 1.4 billion tons, molybdenum metal measures 1.28 million tons, very preponderance position is on in home.

Additional as we have learned, china county has Jin Duicheng now industry of 5 big molybdenum mixes mine of molybdenum of company of mining industry of mine of molybdenum of valley of chestnut of gold of mine of molybdenum of garden of limited company of molybdenum trade group, peach, article, freely, sallow more than 10 molybdenum process a business. Among them, group of trade of molybdenum of golden lot wall already developed become an Asia the first, product of industry of world tertiary molybdenum produces a business.