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Conference of bed of the 8th whole nation is held in Nanchang

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On November 27, conference of bed of the 8th whole nation saves Nanchang city to hold in Jiangxi. Current mass rally with " bed learns to consider to face a nation significant demand: New opportunity and new challenge " give priority to a problem. Vice director of standing committee of Jiangxi province National People's Congress 10 thousand learn Hu Zhenpeng of article, vice-governor, province 10 academician such as Chen Yuchuan of academician of Liu Yunlai of vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Tu Guangchi of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering attended the opening ceremony that day. Zhang Hongtao of deputy director general of bureau of Chinese geology investigation represents Chinese geology to learn geology of standing vice-president, China to investigate bureau director Meng Xian to make a speech. The opening ceremony saves Wang Xiaolie of director of land mine bureau to chair by Jiangxi.

Meng Xian will in the speech point out, of conference of bed of the 8th whole nation hold, it is the communication that studies positive result in recent years to academia of our country bed is mixed inspect, it is an important matter in progress of our country geological career. He says, issue of mineral products resource closes national economy safety and society to be able to develop continuously, in recent years, development of global mining industry is very rapid, the development that learns for bed offerred wonderful opportunity, and situation of shortage of resource of our country mineral products is at present grim, geological to bed also worker posed new challenge. The thematic report with current affirmatory meeting gives the bottleneck of mineral products resource that should break through economic society to develop, bed learns to consider that he must accelerate the pressing requirement that changes to productivity, this also is to be below the new condition that strengthens geological job, the times call that congress issues to broad qualitative Scientists and Technologists. Meng Xian will emphasize, mine field seeks in geology " should give the big gain that has macroscopical effect " the target of level of this one state, scientists and Technologists of requirement deposit geology innovates actively in course domain, solve the mineral products perambulate, development, important learning problem in use and studying and practice problem, opinion of department of deep of mine of research and development, frontier and efficient exploration technology, the powerful effect that prop up is produced in the major breakthrough of resource of stimulative the sources of energy, essential mineral products, want to serve actively in economic domain at the same time.

On the academic report plenary meeting that holds after the opening ceremony, the newest progress that more than 10 academician, expert learns to study theoretically with respect to bed made special subject report. Among them, chenyu plain illuminate the series that become mine is academic, di Yusheng discussed the system becoming mine below perspective of earthly system science and perambulate system, xie Xuejin reported global geochemistry fills the evolution of the target of the graph and train of thought, zhao Wenjin was discussed large, the construction that exceeds large and porphyritic copper mine to become mine deep, magma activity setting, teng Jiwen made an analysis to the distant view seeking ore deposit of our country sylvite, xie Tianzhu summed up the practice that in recent years deep seeks ore deposit and academic experience, zhang Hongtao reported our country geology seeks the newest progress of mine. Splendid congress report reveals an our country bed to learn research to experience changes unprecedentedly and progressing.
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