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Future of global aluminous demand will turn over times 15 years

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The whole world is the greatest aluminous course of study of United States of aluminous production business (Chairman Alcoa) holds CEO Alain Belda concurrently to said a few days ago, the whole world predicts to maintain to the long-term demand of metallic aluminium driving, the developing country such as India and China will promote this trade to aluminous demand main area keeps dovish.

Belda is casting a Beiersideng (say on the meeting that Bear Stearns) holds, "We estimate, the whole world is in to aluminous demand future can turn over times in 15 years, because have,come from the demand of China, India, Russia and Brazil. Because have,come from the demand of China, India, Russia and Brazil..

Belda says, american aluminous course of study estimates China bright hind aluminous demand of two years all will grow 14% . "This just still guards estimation, 10 years Chinese demand is added recently long-term and more than these, and result China will face aluminium and alumina shortage. " he says.