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Taper of cupreous city prices, but performance of domestic merchandise on hand i

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Latter, LME basic metal goes situation appear in succession relatively substantially amend, the market is put the be a burden on of delay by economic growing slowdown and demand. Cupreous price is in the horizontal stroke that passes a few months dish after arranging, go situation chase fadein to lose, a month comes the price glides continuously almost, had dropped defeated 7000 dollars interval to prop up, at present the price is located in 6800 dollars a gleam of, be propped up temporarily. In the meantime, LME copper inventory also is behaved increase for what last, this also increased cupreous price to take weak pressure. Additional, LME market performance is agio of merchandise on hand, and the intense rate that agio enlarges to also show market merchandise on hand ceaselessly puts delay, 5 merchandise on hand reach 35 dollars to the agio of 3 lunar period last week, agio is maintained in historic low, occupy Maigeli to report, cupreous market has appeared small superfluous, and anticipate can yield 2007 farther superfluous. Current, the negotiation that the can await exclusively interest good news on cupreous city main area is Chile Norte copper mine begins formally, from the point of the footing of latter labour union and company, the negotiation may appear twists and turns, the process of the negotiation the drawing function with may rise particular to cupreous price. And in home, although the whole of price of copper of Shanghai option market goes situation basically follow London market, lead the price to drop considerably, but home is turned by demand flourishing reachs what businessman cherish makes work to drive, what respect of merchandise on hand behaves is quite strong, close recently merchandise on hand is maintained be in 64000 yuan / ton above, and merchandise on hand is right that month period premium is as high as 1000 yuan of above, premium achieves 1600 yuan now, of merchandise on hand strong the ratio of city of human relations copper of the Shanghai that prop up rises, especially ratio of month of merchandise on hand. Additionally inventory of 5 Shanghai city reduces 3549 tons once more last week, inventory only remnant 31, 576 tons, be in the nadir inside year, form to domestic price strong prop up. Although the ratio covering interest of month of current merchandise on hand is achieved 9.57, be in those who cover interest ratio interval to go up along, looking is very good covering city specific value, but month of merchandise on hand clinchs a deal of the quantity contractible the liquidity risk that increased to cover interest, and forward contract as a result of domestic futures premium radical is differred bigger make specific value inferior, and London presents agio, home present premium, two city are integrated base structural benefit is covered at turning over, and maintain a warehouse to be being covered adverse, build the cash that cover interest to enter town on forward contract right now, risk also still bigger, not be very favorable opportunity. The current overall thinking that covers interest still maintains copper to be being covered give priority to, affection of attention market supply and demand always reachs two city base of poor structure evolve, choose reasonable specific value and opportune moment.
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