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Foundation of sound of LME period copper rebounds, short-term return existence t

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London metal bourse is basic metallic all fronts drops, period copper is after closing quotation of Shanghai period city begin to drop, metaphase copper trades to rise inside field, eventually dish the newspaper closes at 6790 dollars, dropped 10 dollars, clinch a deal the quantity is 70287; Price of copper of period aluminium follow goes situation, before trading inside field, drop, in trading inside field, rise, eventually dish the newspaper closes at 2625 dollars, dropped 52 dollars, clinch a deal the quantity is 134704.

Inventory of copper of Zhou Wu LME increased 4025 tons considerably, the tendency that this shows to cupreous inventory increases can continue, perhaps be in before long cupreous stock can rise to in the future 200 thousand tons. The rise of cupreous inventory does not have agio of farther depress merchandise on hand, agio of Zhou Wu merchandise on hand still is maintained in early days level. But the copper on Shanghai field supplies extraordinary tension, premium of merchandise on hand of 5 Shanghai copper rises considerably last week, appear the record high of these a few months, it is 1650 yuan, it is better that this explains after the price drops Shanghai copper consumes demand, the entrance with less near future also supplies generation influence to cupreous merchandise on hand, anticipate Shanghai copper merchandise on hand can continue to be in insecurity in. On option market, close month agreement did not reflect the nervous condition of spot market adequately, because at present brunt agreement still is in 701 be caused by,this basically is, there is partial investor to do on brunt agreement hit the price that press copper for nothing, nevertheless as brunt agreement move storehouse, of near future agreement cast pressure can reduce, city lies between lunar price difference to be able to be pulled after big, in copper of the Shanghai below this influence rate of exchange of human relations copper is met pull litre.

Shanghai aluminous merchandise on hand also continues to keep strong, premium of Zhou Wuhu aluminous merchandise on hand rises to 600 yuan, explain demand of merchandise on hand is first-rate. Suffer merchandise on hand to drive, the price difference of contract of close month futures maintains Shanghai aluminium to still can continue to pull open in older standard, shanghai is aluminous rate of exchange of human relations aluminium also rises somewhat. Aluminous merchandise on hand of near future Shanghai supplies tight situation to won't be changed, shanghai aluminous merchandise on hand can be maintained strong, nevertheless cannot blind and hopeful, december is a tradition is off-season, as the advent of the end of the year, consumptive demand can drop, market of the end of the year can appear cast pressure.

On the technology, week of LME period copper rebounds by 5 explore, rebound range is not big, at present all the line is arranged continue to maintain nominal pattern and disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, short-term period copper returns existence to do empty kinetic energy, low stuff will be right in June nevertheless the action that prop up reachs since cupreous price; Period aluminium rebounds by Zhou Wu explore, 60 days all the line was not dropped finally to defeat, anticipate period aluminium can continue oscillation is adjusted.
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