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Initiate futures: ∪ of humorous of of caries of Yan of garden of Piao Jia is

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Human relations copper is broken after receiving back, integral hasten is belonged to in fund last week below the influence with weak, circumjacent not hopeful market, defeat again 200 days all line, at present the price loses in 6800 dollars situation of short duration is firm, but person energy of life continues to slant empty. Suffer human relations copper to cut an influence, market double volume magnifies apparently; Fund of CFTC blame commerce maintains a warehouse data shows, to its headroom level already will be added on November 14 to 170 thousand more than hand, nominal is bought dish enter more active, your spec fund always holds a storehouse to continue raise, this nominal maintains a warehouse the level already was since 3 years April new tall. Look from lunar K line, in May all the thread is apparent be issued to lower levels, in October all the fall of the line, continue to make cupreous city shows weak sign. And of total reserve of 3 big exchange durative pick up, still exist to the suppress action of the price. Gross is in after breaking through 200 thousand tons quickly, break through 210 thousand tons again last week, its put a quantity to achieve since this year new tall, also achieved nod high since 4 years August, overall ascendant trend is changeless. Among them LME stock goes again rise nearly 10 thousand tons, new orleans storehouse rises force is striking; At the same time COMEX also maintains litre. Because stock rises situation difficult block, condition of LME0-3 month agio continues to magnify, in 30 dollars at present the left and right sides wanders, market person energy of life continues to suffer its to squelch. And the Shanghai copper stock that the author emphasizes paying close attention to, after complete a business transaction is being shown inside week glide posture, should continue to watch the show of domestic stock, the position of supply and demand of judgement home merchandise on hand with combine the aspect with latter dovish premium better.
Macroscopical respect, the consumer price index that the United States publishs last week and producer price index closed inflationary level to cause the wide attention of the market because of remote. Look on data, american inflation pressure already put delay apparently, among them PPI index will glide again in October 1.6% ; CPI data also glided 0.5% , relatively anticipate hopeful, the United States rises the pressure of breath to alleviate somewhat further. But from the dollar reaction looks, the market is behaved however enter to buy Pan Chong, exchange rate is strong. Investigate its reason, the author thinks on one hand investor thinks because of China may dispersive dollar lays in an influence, the market is cast pressure overweight, attracted congenial bull; On the other hand, also with latter again and again dovish the American stock market that goes tall somewhat associated. Although economic data showed American economy appears clearly already,put the state of delay, especially real estate sufferred bigger blow, but as business barometer- - the stock market, investor pays close attention to constrictive policy worry more, in the United States successive time-out rises breath and connect Peng to circumstances of assuasive of evidential incline to falls, the stock market is achieved time and again carry high brace up dollar. Suffer dollar exchange rate to maintain firm influence, gold rebounds situation suffocate suffocate, swing with horizontal Pan Zhen inside week give priority to; And crude oil, although have the interest that Oupeike continues to be restricted to produce much element, but of American inventory go litre, of market fund withdraw, make again crude oil is sufferred cast pressure, crude oil of month of merchandise on hand of 4 new York is broken last week steep fall 2.68 dollars, to person of industrial product market gas causes great suppress.
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