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Platform of fall position aluminous price breaks consecutive fall after a rise

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This week ShanghaiAluminousBe in eventually after standing fast 4 days fall of trading the last day position  stood fast continuously the platform of a week is dropped to defeat  price to force continuously 60 days all line  as with LMECopperThe LME that head is basicMetalInside this week considerably with one action of LME of  of fall after a rise drops defeated 7000 a little bit to although LME is aluminous,close  greatly be being returned from main area no matter is it is for technical area relatively the  with much interest but look in overall situation empty case falls or take advantage of an opportunity somewhat callback  as of the previous night, so far the puissant platform that Shanghai aluminium is built nearly two weeks also is broken  price forces continuously 60 days all odd hold of sky of line trend proposal.