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Supply and demand of next year iron ore is good drop at importing mine price thi

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National hair changes appoint Xiong Bilin of industrial department vice director expresses yesterday, from the point of data of before this year 9 months, entrance mine price shows downtrend on the whole; Global iron ore is marine 2007 the development posture of trade supply demand relations will be good 2006, be in the position that supply and demand balances basically basically. He appeals, the price negotiation of both sides of iron ore supply and demand should be in " double win " below the principle, fairness negotiates, eager for quick success and instant benefit of avoid by all means.

Yesterday " congress of mining industry of 2006 China International " go up, xiong Bilin is analysed, entrance iron ore rose in price 2005 71.5% , rose again 2006 19% ; Below the circumstance that in the entrance iron ore rises in price ceaselessly, china imported iron ore to present 4 big characteristics this year:

It is to import increment and amplitude to show overall drop posture. Grow 27.73% from first quarter, drop 18.45% of 2 quarters. Because get northward steelworks winter store influence, 3 quarters grew 26.72% , but amplitude dropped than first quarter a percent. 2 it is entrance iron ore average C.I.F shows downtrend. Before this year 9 months, average price is entrance iron ore 62.7 dollars / ton, dropped 7.2% . 3 it is domestic mine output increases considerably, offsetted accordingly the demand crossing flourishing to importing mine. Before 9 months, our country is large and medium-sized mine produces iron ore many tons 400 million, grew 37.67% ; Small mine output is 75 million tons in the place, grew 25% . The prices of 4 iron essence pink that are home market turn by mine of prep above entrance for under entrance mine. 5-7 month, homebred mine is 558.51 yuan on average to factory price / ton, lower than importing mine 15.53 yuan, price difference 2.78% .

Xiong Bilin says: "Above circumstance explains, entrance mine price shows downtrend on the whole, can foreknow from this, global iron ore is marine 2007 trade supply demand relations basically depends on Chinese demand; The development posture of supply demand relations will be good 2006, be in the position that supply and demand balances basically. Be in the position that supply and demand balances basically..

To the iron ore of next year the price negotiates, xiong Bilin expresses, price of iron ore negotiation is company action, the price is formed is market action; But the main raw material that iron ore is steely production, the stability that matters to Chinese steely industry and overall situation of Chinese countryman economy, chinese government pays close attention to this very. He says, chinese government executes automatic entrance to permit management to iron ore, without the limitation of amount, price, importing channel is expedite; Chinese industry organizes the industry self-discipline measure that come on stage, also be import business the report to demand of normative market order.
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